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LANDSCAPE  Journey Wedding Bands

Each One Custom Made to Tell Your Love Story

Your Custom Journey Wedding Bands

For the ultimate wedding ring, tell your unique love story. Create a diorama of how you met, where you proposed, and other magical memories. Our design team invests in your story as we create your own Journey Wedding Band.

We start by scheduling the first appointment via Zoom, phone, or in person. We’ll collaborate with you to collect and narrow down every detail. We want the most poignant and important landmarks in your personal journey.

  • Journey Wedding Band Journey Wedding Band - top view

    Tell your love story and showcase your journey as it wraps around your wedding band.

  • Southwest Lovers Wedding Band Southwest Lovers Wedding Band - top view
    Desert Cactus

    Arizona Desert Cactus Wedding Band has it all in this nature wedding band with a desert landscape that wraps around this band in an eternity style.

  • Two Tone Journey Band with Diamonds Two Tone Journey Band with Diamonds - top view
    Two-Tone Journey Band With Diamonds

    A wedding band made into a piece of art! Our master jewelers have crafted a machinist sky finish adorned with contrasting wildlife and floral motifs.

  • Two-Toned Hudson Highlands Mountain Wedding Band
    Two-Toned Hudson Highlands Mountain

    The Hudson Highlands is a place where you escape from the bustle of the city. Serene and lush with foliage and a cool breeze from the river.

  • Journey Wedding Band with Diamonds Journey Wedding Band with Diamonds - top view
    Journey With Diamond

    Crafted by hand, these bands capture the essence of your love story, weaving in the landscapes where your hearts find solace and the symbols that bind you together.

  • Cityscape Skyline Wedding Band Cityscape Skyline Wedding Band - top view
    Cityscape Skyline

    Your favorite city skyline hand-carved into your wedding band.

Our design team will create a layout for you showing the elements of your journey. We love using photos to perfectly capture that moment. Other elements can be rendered by drawing specific elements. We love the little details, do you have pets? What little elements of your relationship make you smile every day? We want those details to illustrate your special story!

journey ring layout

From approval of the graphic layout, a rendering is created for you to approve. This rendering shows the design outlines of the ring. The fine details start once our master jewelers get to work. They carfeully carve, etch and sculpt the remaining details.

As referenced, we created matching wedding bands with landmarks of the couple’s story. The skyline of Seoul is masterfully crafted with Korean characters. As they moved to Hawaii, they got matching sun tattoos. Our design team used a photo the couple took of the Hawaiian coastline. Palm trees, waves, and distant mountains are engraved with a motif of their sun tattoos. Their final landmark is a memory of them watching hot air balloons in their backyard in Tucson. Paw prints of their cat trace the outline of their perfect new home.

 custom journey wedding rings
custom journey wedding rings
Interested in creating a custom wedding ring that tells your story? Our friendly staff will help you every step of the way! Book an appointment today for your Custom Journey Wedding Bands.
custom journey wedding ring
custom journey wedding bands

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