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PRECIOUS metals for CUSTOM rings

A Vast Palette of Colors

Gorgeous Raw Rose Cut Diamond Engagement RingsWhy settle for a pre-made ring when you can have the ring of your dreams, in a metal color that suits your skin and your style. Your ring deserves to be handcrafted from the right metal. Pick the colors youself or let the team at Krikawa help you select the perfect metal, whether it is for your unique engagement ring or wedding band. Unsure what is going to look best with your skin tone or stone? We'll provide advice from our decades of experience, photograph your colors together, or ship your stone and metal samples together for you to see in person! Together, we’ll create the ring for a lifetime. Call 1-888-KRIKAWA or email us today. 

What Metal Will You Choose?

14k Rose, 18k Yellow, 14k Yellow, 10k Green, 14k White, 14k High Palladium White Golds, Platinum/Palladium, Sterling

Your choices in precious metals offer you a range of colors. Your choices go beyond light cool gray to yellow. You’ll explore the possibilities in color from copper to a light green, yellow or white. Krikawa artisans and goldsmiths will work from this broad palette to create your ring. You’ll be amazed by our ability to "paint with metals," creating the masterpiece you’ll love.

At Krikawa, your ring will be handcrafted and made-to-order with the precious metal of your choice. Choose from precious metals such as: Let us help you choose the metal to compliment your skin tone. You can talk to us about a metal’s durability based on its unique composition and hardness. With our guidance, you’ll understand how a metal’s hardness will offer you different levels of resistance to dents. You can be confident knowing how your ring will hold up over time without wearing down.

White Metal. Right Metal?

Want to know how to choose the right white metal for your ring? In deciding on the right metal, let us help you consider important elements such as:
  • color
  • hardness
  • wear resistance
  • maintenance
Considering a light weight design? Have a preference for a larger, bulkier design? Talk to our experts for advice on selecting the right metal for your ring. You’ll discover how different metals hold up during daily life. You’ll know your options with white metals and the various properties of your selection.

Whether this is your first piece of fine jewelry or a new piece to your collection, our designers will help you make the most of every detail. You’ll recognize the level of expertise and craftsmanship in every Krikawa ring. You’ll understand why a Krikawa ring is the ring you’ll wear for a lifetime.

Comparative Qualities of Krikawa Precious Metals

Alloy* Approximate
Temp. (° F)
Color Vicker's
950 Platinum 95% Pt
5% Ru
21.45 3235 light cool gray 130
18k Palladium White Gold 75% Au + Pd 14.6 1730 light cool
14k Palladium White Gold
(Krikawa Standard)
58.5% Au
13.7 1710 medium warm gray 150
14k Nickel White Gold
(Upon Request Only)
58.5% Au
medium warmsih gray
18k Yellow Gold 75% Au 15.6 1700 rich yellow 125
14k Rose Gold 58.5% Au
13.4 1520 copper 125
14k Green Gold 58.5% Au
bright yellow
10k Green Gold 41.6% Au
11.7 1480 light green yellow 170
*An alloy is a combination of different metals that are melted and blended together to create a new homogeneous metal with a uniform color and a new melting temperature (different from the parent metals). New alloys are created to achieve more desirable properties such as hardness and ductility.


Gold and Platinum Color Chart for Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings

Gold and Platinum Color Chart for Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings

Keep in mind, your ring will be much smaller than shown above! See this scaled chart for another reference. You can see here why, with our decades of experience in making custom rings, we recommend platinum and 18k yellow gold, or platinum and 14k rose gold for two-tone designs.

Ways to help differentiate the two metals include matte and brushed finishes, and broken surfaces (such as a groove between the two colors.

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