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Creative and artistic WEDDING RINGS

Dragons, Tattoos, and More!

Creative Wedding Band Collection
Whether you love the angular complexity of the Tibetan knot, to the smooth flowing lines of a sailor's knot, or the creative scales on our dragon rings. Our creative and artistic wedding bands just might blow your mind. Gorgeous rings that will withstand a lifetime of wear, made to order one at a time. Perfect fit every time!

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Design Your Own Wedding Band

Design Your Own Wedding Band

Your words, your symbols, and more, in your made-to-order bands. These rings are made to tell your story. Browse our collection of Journey and Mountain wedding bands.
Tribal Wedding Ring

Tribal Wedding Rings  

Consider a striking wedding band inspired by tattoo designs for your rite of marriage. Inspired by the history of the culture of many nations. These tattoo-inspired bands celebrate the ancient art style.
Music Wedding Rings

Music Wedding Rings

Cello, guitar, and piano, for a symphony of rings. Inspired by music theory and sculptural design of instruments. Perfect for the musician who lives and breathes music.

Wedding Rings That Think Outside the Box!

Wedding bands don’t have to be simple. We like to break boundaries by creating sculptural rings and hand-crafted designs. Think outside the box when designing your own wedding band. Contact our design team to create a one-of-a-kind wedding band that is perfect for you.
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