Classic Three Stone Engagement Rings

One Plus One Equals Three

Three glistening gems meets elegant and classic styling with our Classic Three Stone Engagement Rings. Made to order with the stones and precious metals of your choice, Krikawa's rings are unmatched in quality—a perfect fit is guaranteed. With Krikawa's unique custom and made to order process, create your own Classic Three Stone Engagement Ring, or find one of our designs that you love.
  • Traditional Basket Three Stone

    Architectural in form, this stunning ring is for the lover of clean lines and modern design.

  • Three Stone Emerald & Half Moon-Cut

    This gorgeous ring has two half-moon shaped stones mounted on either side of an emerald shaped center stone.

  • Three Stone Princess-Cut & Pave

    A cathedral setting looks beautiful under the three princess-cut stones in the center of this engagement ring. Small diamonds line the band making the ring sparkle even more. he pave band and two side stones total to 0.50 carats of diamonds.

  • Three Stone With Carved Band

    The band on this stunning ring has been carved out and has beautiful leaf and vine-like shapes inside. Three round stones are mounted on top of the band. The two smaller, side round stones are 0.25 carats each.

  • Three Stone Princess & Half Moon-Cut

    Dazzle everyone with this gorgeous three stone engagement ring. A pave band leads to the half moon stones that lie on either side of the center princess-cut stone. The two half moon stones and the diamonds in the band total 0.50 carats.

  • Three Stone Oval & Round-Cut

    Make this ring yours with an oval center stone and two beautiful 0.33 carat round side stones. The band is lined with 0.09 carats of beautiful diamonds to give it that extra sparkle.

  • Three Stone Oval Center & Tapered Pave

    An oval center stone and two 0.37 carat round stones are mounted on a tapered, 0.26 ctw, pave band in this stunning engagement ring.

  • Three Stone Round Cut With Secret Halos

    This absolutely exquisite ring has three round stones mounted at the top. The two round stones to the side are each 0.33 carats. Under each stone is a secret halo that is lined with diamonds. The 0.24ctw diamond lining continues onto the band.

  • Three Stone Trellis Pave

    The setting of this ring is very similar to that of a trellis, with curved arches and thin lines. It adds to the beauty that the three round stones have and the pave band. 0.75 ctw of diamonds make up the pave band and the two side round stones.

  • Three Stone Pave a Trois

    This unique engagement ring gets its name from the three rows of stones (0.24ctw) that line the band and the three round stones that are mounted at the top of the band. The two side round stones are 0.33 carats each.

  • Three Stone Round Cut

    Three round stones are all that are needed in this simple engagement ring. The two side diamonds are 0.50 carats each.

  • Three Stone Radiant & Trillion Cut

    This unique engagement ring has a radiant cut center stone and a trillion cut diamond on either side of the center stone.

  • Traditional Three-Stone - Emerald and Trapezoid

    This is a Traditional Three-Stone Engagement Ring with a prong-supported emerald cut center stone and trapezoid stones.

  • Trellis Three Stone

    Our trellis ring is at the same time classic, yet modern. The trellis consists of interwoven prongs that represent your eternal union.

  • Three Stone Princess Cut

    This sculptural ring features three princess-cut diamonds supported by ribbon-like prongs. Pair it with the Ribbon Wedding Band.

  • Traditional Three-Stone - Pear and Pear

    This is a Traditional Three-Stone Engagement Ring with prong-supported pear-shaped stones. Can be set with diamonds, sapphires or stones of your choice.

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