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WILDLIFE Engagement Rings

Nature Rings as Wild as Her

nature engagement rings
Do you love living things and the beautiful, small traits of nature? For our unique collection of bird, bug, and animal rings, we carve the nimble feathers of a hummingbird and the brilliant tessellated wings of a butterfly in vivid, stunning detail. Choose your stones and precious metals, or design a ring featuring the wildlife that you love!
  • Hummingbird Engagement Ring Hummingbird Engagement Ring - top view

    This intricate engagement ring features a carved hummingbird with gem accents and wings cradling a center stone, handmade in the stones and metals you choose.

  • Birdwatcher Engagement Ring Birdwatcher Engagement Ring - top view
    Bird Watcher

    As a symbol of new beginnings, this custom engagement ring is a beautiful start to your next chapter in life.

Eagle Engagement Ring Eagle Engagement Ring - top view

    Make her heart soar with this eagle engagement ring!

  • Dolphin Engagement Ring Dolphin Engagement Ring - top view

    This sculptural engagement ring shows a dolphin elegantly supporting a center diamond. The dolphin's head is decorated with a channel of diamonds, and its eyes are fancy color diamonds.

  • Dragonfly Engagement Ring Dragonfly Engagement Ring - top view

    This sculptural ring has two dragonflies cradling a center stone with their wingtips. Their eyes and bodies sparkle with stones.

  • Dolphin Bridal Set Dolphin Bridal Set - top view
    Dolphin Bridal Set

    wedding band fits within the engagement ring. The back of the dolphin's head is lined with stones and there is a stone for each eye as well.

  • Turtle Embrace Engagement Ring Turtle Embrace Engagement Ring - top view
    Turtle Embrace

    For as long as humans have walked the Earth, there have been turtles! Symbols of support, good fortune, and longevity, the turtle is said to bring 10,000 years of happiness. A perfect emblem for a lifetime of support and happiness as your begin your lives together!

  • Seahorse Bridal Set Seahorse Bridal Set - top view
    Seahorse Bridal Set

    Love the symbolism and elegance behind the graceful seahorse? This bridal set features a simple solitaire engagement ring wrapped in the ornate embrace of a sculptural seahorse.

  • Rose Gold Butterfly Fishtail Pave Engagement Ring Rose Gold Butterfly Fishtail Pave Engagement Ring - top view
    Butterfly Fishtail Pave Shown in Rose Gold

    This version of the ring is shown in rose gold with a 7mm moissanite in the center.

  • Bat Engagement Ring Bat Engagement Ring - top view

    Two bats emerge from the bottom of the band towards the center stone. Small diamonds act as the spines of the bats with the wings straight up

  • Peacock Engagement Ring Peacock Engagement Ring - top view

    Enchanting and vibrant like the birds that inspire it, this Peacock Engagement Ring has hand-carved details and unique design elements.

  • Mokume Dragonfly Engagement Ring Mokume Dragonfly Engagement Ring - top view
    Mokume Dragonfly

    A wood-grain Mokume band with diamonds are adorned with delicately carved dragonflies on this gorgeous, naturally inspired handcrafted engagement ring.

  • Butterfly Monogram Ring Custom Butterfly Ring - top view
    Butterfly Monogram Ring

    This ring features 16 butterflies and monogram initials around the head.

  • Wings of Love Engagement Ring Wings of Love Engagement Ring - top view
    Wings of Love

    This Wings of Love Engagement Ring has hand-engraved feathers and wingtips around the center gemstone. The band has channel-set diamonds.

  • Butterfly Pave Halo Engagement Ring Butterfly Pave Halo Engagement Ring - top view
    Butterfly Pave Halo

    Diamond butterflies lead to a prong-set gem haloed with glistening diamonds on this spectacularly beautiful, nature-inspired handcrafted engagement ring.

Our rings are made to order and handmade by our master goldsmiths, guaranteed and unmatched in quality. Find your dream ring today!

Your wildlife engagement ring can capture your spirit animal or just the animal you love.  
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