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Inside Ring Inscriptions

Personalize the Inside of Your Band With Heartfelt Words 


Inscriptions cost $30 for up to 15 characters, including spaces (combination of letters, numbers and & or - symbols). Each additional character is $1. An engraving machine with a diamond tip cuts the metal in a single line in block or script lettering. The length of your inscription is dependent upon the space available in your custom ring. This is a classic way to inscribe your message. 3mm wide rings and up only.
inside ring insription

Modeled Engraving Inside Ring

This makes a bold statement. You have a choice of fonts, or you can have any black and white image etched into the inside of the ring. Great for wider rings. Pricing typically ranges between $100-$300, however, we consider type and length of message, modeling time needed based upon complexity of symbol, musical phrase, or foreign letter phrase, when considering your image and provide you with a quote based on your artwork. (Additional charges typically apply for converting color images to usable black/white line drawings.) Recommended for rings 3mm and up.
modeled engraving inside ring
font options


Hand Engraving Letters Inside Ring

Hand engraving can be done on narrow rings (minimum width 2mm) and in tight spots that can't be engraved by machine or modeling. Keep in mind that if the inscription needs to be that small it may be necessary to use magnification to see it. $100 setup and $100 for the first 10 basic script or block letters; $10 for each additional letter. Each letter is hand cut by a professional hand engraver.  

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