Modern Solitaire Engagement Rings

When One is Enough

modern engagement rings
Smooth lines and surfaces are the epitome of the modern era. With a nod to Bauhaus, the period that combined crafts and fine arts, this collection shines.

  • Modern Taper Engagement Ring Modern Taper Engagement Ring - top view
    Modern Taper

    The simple taper design is derived from our Mokume Engagement Ring collection. It is a simple, elegant, timeless setting with no other adornment besides the center stone. 4mm wide.

  • Modern River Twist Engagement Ring Modern River Twist Engagement Ring - top view
    Modern River Twist

    A simplified, modern version of our classic River Twist Engagement Ring this engagement ring features a solitaire stone set at an angle and suspended above a polished band.

  • Modern Cathedral Bezel Engagement Ring
    Modern Cathedral Bezel

    A center stone is boldly raised above clean band for a unique contemporary look. This modern engagement ring is handcrafted and made to order!

  • Modern Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Modern Straight, Tapered Head Engagement Ring - top view
    Modern Emerald Cut

    This emerald cut engagement ring is modern and spectacularly simple and elegant. The simplicity of the ring gives the ring a sense of grace.

  • Modern Flush Stone Engagement Ring Modern Flush Stone Engagement Ring - top view
    Modern Flush Stone

    The diamond in this ring is set flush with the band ensuring maximum protection for the stone and snag-free ease of mind. This ring looks best when made the exact same width as the stone.

  • Modern Vintage Engagement Ring Modern Millegrain Engagement Ring - top view
    Modern Vintage

    Unique Modern Engagement Rings Designed around your Diamond or Sapphire. Award Winning and Unusual Designs.

  • Modern Sculpture Engagement Ring Modern Sculpture Engagement Ring - top view
    Modern Sculpture

    This sleek and streamlined modern handcrafted engagement ring is unique and beautiful, with negative space accenting beautiful, prominent center stone

  • Modern Prong Cathedral Engagement Ring Modern Prong Cathedral Engagement Ring - top view
    Modern Prong Cathedral

    Bold in its clean shape and lines, this lovely ring is a simple yet powerful stunner.

  • Modern Swirl Engagement Ring Modern Swirl Engagement Ring - top view
    Modern Swirl

    This striking ring is a swirl of curves that embraces the center stone. An unusual and sensual design, it is similar to the Mokume Swirl, but without the mokume. A stunning handcrafted ring!

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