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Science Geek Wedding Rings

Science Inspired Rings for That One Special Love

science geek wedding rings

Our collection of “Geek” wedding rings is masterfully handcrafted, engineer-designed, and astronomer approved. Combining intricate designs, the highest quality of craft and materials, and heady designs inspired by mobius strips, geometries, and mathematical and scientific concepts, this collection will invigorate your left and right brain.

Choose one of our designs and choose the precious metals, stones, and details that inspire you. You can also design your own ring from scratch with Krikawa’s unique custom and made to order process. All of our rings are guaranteed and unmatched in quality. Discover your dream ring today!

  • Sinusoidal Wave Wedding Band with Center Stone Sinusoidal Wave Wedding Band with Center Stone - top view
    Sinusoidal Wave With Center Stone

    Sinusoidal waves are geometric measurements of how things change states. The light, sound, vibration, and being of these lines make up who we are.

  • Modern Puzzle Ring
    Modern Puzzle

    Unusual Custom Puzzle and Interlocking Wedding Bands made to spec. Design your own wedding ring for men and women.

  • Constellation Wedding Band
    Constellation in Cosmos

    Personalize this wedding band with your astrological sign's constellation. The stars will be represented by the gemstone type/s of your choice.

  • Hex Wedding Band Hex Wedding Band - top view

    With meshed hexagons like a honeycomb, this handcrafted ring references atomic structures and geometric patterns, made to order just for you.

  • Fibonacci Wedding Band
    Fibonacci Golden Ratio

    A spiral representing the Golden Ratio adorns this wedding band. Great for math and science lovers!

  • Carbon Wedding Band Carbon Wedding Band - top view

    This wedding ring takes its namesake from carbon-based life forms. An organic pattern repeats around the band, with an equally complex pattern inside.

  • Mobius Strip Wedding Band
    Mobius Strip

    This contemporary wedding band takes the shape of a Mobius strip.

  • King Tet Wedding Band
    King Tet

    This ring is composed of double tetrahedrons and pyramids. Gemstones are set into nine of the shapes. 0.84ctw.(9) 2.5mm in original.

  • Mobius Strip Wedding Band II Mobius Strip Wedding Band II - top view
    Mobius Strip II

    This modern wedding band is a two revolution mobius with eleven twists. It creates the illusion of two independent, flexible halves when in fact it is one.

  • Aero Wedding Band

    This unique wedding band is inspired by jet engines, turbines, and aerospace-engineering. Modern and streamlined, this ring is handcrafted and made to order.

  • Moon Wedding Band

    With scattered impact craters and astronaut footprints, this stellar handcrafted ring is made to order with or without a lunar patina.

  • Trestle Wedding Band Trestle Wedding Band - top view

    Like roller coaster or bridge, this handcrafted ring features intricately carved trestles, a nod to your inner engineer. Negative space adds visual lightness.

  • Techno Hex Wedding Band Techno Hex Wedding Band - top view
    Techno Hex

    Modern and unique, this wedding band features scattered hexagon shapes cut into the band.

  • Sinusoidal Wave Diamond Wedding Band
    Sinusoidal Wave Diamond

    This unique wedding band features two recessed sinusoidal waves.

  • Fibonacci Signet Ring Fibonacci Signet Ring - top view
    Fibonacci Signet Ring

    This signet ring is etched with the Golden Spiral and symbols referencing Fibonacci's Sequence. Handcrafted and perfect for mathematics-enthusiasts!

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