Men's Lathed Wedding Bands

Clean & Traditional Machine-Lathed Styles

Machine Lathed Wedding Band Collection

For a traditional and elegantly simple look, this collection of wedding bands is machine lathed. The result is a high-quality, handmade wedding band made to order in the size, width, and metal that you choose. With Krikawa's unique custom process, choose one of our designs, or add any details that you desire.

  • Beveled Edge Band
    Beveled Edge Band

    If you like simple, this is the ring for you! The band is flat in shape with beveled edges that add just a small element to the plain band.

  • Grooved Dome Band
    Grooved Dome Band

    This simple ring is shaped like a dome. The center of the band is raised more than the edges. The center also has two grooves along either side

  • 6mm Silver Inlay Ripple Band

    This awesome ring has ripples.

  • Raised Rails Band
    Raised Rails Band

    This simple ring has a rounded band that tapers down toward the sides then rises at the very edge.

  • Flat Band with Rounded Edges
    Flat Band with Rounded Edges

    Flat in shape this band dips down towards the sides then rises to become rounded edges.

  • Stone Polish Beveled Edge Band
    Stone Polish Beveled Edge Band

    This simple wedding band will be crafted from your choice of metal with a stone polished finish to add some texture.

  • Pulley Wedding Band

    This mechanics-inspired wedding band may appeal to grooms with a contemporary style.

  • Grooved Wedding Band

    This modern wedding band is rounded with a groove near its edges. The ring can be made as wide as you'd like, with the finish of your choice.

  • Lathed Mens Wedding Band Lathed Mens Wedding Band - top view
    Lathed Mens

    A simple yet strong solution to a mens wedding band; the machined, lathed wedding band.

  • Ripple Band
    Ripple Band

    This very simple band is crafted from the metal you choose and then formed to have a ripple affect.

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