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unusual engagement rings

Extraordinary and Beyond

Unusual Engagement Rings
Stand out from the crowd with a unique engagement ring that blends uncommon designs with interesting elements. From fantastical inspirations to unconventional stones and finishes, Krikawa's Unusual Engagement Rings fire up the imagination.

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Lotus Spirit Engagement Rings

Lotus Spirit Engagement Rings

Designed for your spiritual and loving journey. Sculpted engagement rings with delicate floral motifs and symbolism.
Infinity Engagement Rings

Infinity Symbol Engagement Rings

Krikawa's unique, ornate infinity symbols compose the bands of these sculptural engagement rings.  
Celtic Engagement Rings

Celtic Engagement Rings

Represent your eternal love, friendship, and devotion with beautiful and meaningful Celtic symbols.
Twist Engagement Rings

Twist Engagement Rings

Sensual twists add movement and uninterrupted flow. 
Music Engagement Rings

Music Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are designed to stay in harmony. Stay on beat with creative and sculpted one-of-a-kind designed rings.

A  Ring as Unique as Your Love

Unusual Raw Diamond Scaffold Engagement Ring
Break the mold with a textured band that adds dimension to your ring or let your originality soar with a space-age design. Be sure to check out our distinct Scaffold Style Engagement Rings as they seamlessly cradle a wedding band and join the two rings into one as you become one with your soul mate in marriage. 
Rustic Bezel Engagement Ring with Scattered Diamonds
Sparked by creativity, this diverse collection embraces the eccentricities and uniqueness of individuals!

We've always made rings one at a time and we'll do it for you. Your love is worth more than a mass-produced, off-the-shelf stock item. Have it made to order at Krikawa.

Explore the surprising elements of our Unusual Engagement Rings now!

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