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Mokume GANE Wedding rings

The Perfect Blend of metals

The exclusive Krikawa mokume pattern is inspired by the human heart beat. Witness its beauty from every angle. This distinctive pattern never repeats itself. It’s as unique as the love you share
Mokume Wedding Band Collection
Turn your Krikawa mokume ring and unveil its distinctive craftsmanship. Notice how the patterns flow smoothly. Like eddies in a river, the pattern moves freely revealing a tapestry of colors. A one-of-a-kind look is created just for you through the depth of the etches and the broadness of the pattern.

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Classic Mokume Wedding Bands

Classic Mokume Bands

Browse our eight different mokume gane flavors!
Diamond and Sapphire Mokume Wedding Bands

Diamond & Sapphire Mokume Bands

Classic mokume bands get accented with brilliant diamonds and gemstones.
Unique Mokume Wedding Bands

Unique & Unusual Mokume Bands

Get creative with these exclusive designs that showcase your favorite mokume gane.
Unique Mokume Wedding Bands

Mokume Mountain Wedding Bands

Your wedding band can be decadent with the mountains that you love, hand-carved into a band that incorporates the luxurious and unique mokume-gane.  A Japanese technique, mokume-gane is laminated precious metal. Bring your miniature landscape of hills and rocks to life.

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