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Engineered Wedding Rings

Fine Engineering for Masculine High Design

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Make a statement with a cool, different, stylish or technically marveling wedding band. Our collection of Power Rings features designs with unique beauty, individuality, and precision. These are all handcrafted by Krikawa master goldsmiths. Contact us for your own made-to-order design. Each ring is custom-made in your metal and width preference.

  • Barbed Wire Wedding Band Barbed Wire Wedding Band - top view
    Barbed Wire

    This ring features precious-metal barbed wire and an outer band etched like wood. For those with some grit and adventurous spirit, choose this handcrafted ring.

  • Dragon Lord Diamond Wedding Band Dragon Lord Diamond Wedding Band - top view
    Dragon Lord Diamond

    Elegance and strength embody this unique wedding ring. Its bold design is fit for a dragon-lord with unknown powers. It also looks great on the rest of us.

  • Lattice Work Wedding Band Lattice Work Wedding Band - top view
    Lattice Work

    Two separate bands are perfectly fitted to weave through one another and become one permanent work of art!

  • Mobius Strip Wedding Band II Mobius Strip Wedding Band II - top view
    Mobius Strip II

    This modern wedding band is a two revolution mobius with eleven twists. It creates the illusion of two independent, flexible halves when in fact it is one.

  • Trestle Wedding Band Trestle Wedding Band - top view

    Like roller coaster or bridge, this handcrafted ring features intricately carved trestles, a nod to your inner engineer. Negative space adds visual lightness.

  • Moire Wedding Band

    This ring is named for its overlapping lines which resemble a moire pattern. Opposed layers of flutes create this captivating design.

  • King Tet Wedding Band
    King Tet

    This ring is composed of double tetrahedrons and pyramids. Gemstones are set into nine of the shapes. 0.84ctw.(9) 2.5mm in original.

  • Lattice Wedding Band With Diamonds Lattice Wedding Band With Diamonds - top view
    Lattice With Diamonds

    Our beloved Lattice Work Wedding Band gets an upgrade with pave diamonds set within the woven pattern.

  • Strata Wedding Band Strata Wedding Band - top view

    This men's wedding band, featuring undulating strata and topography, was inspired by graphic geology. Can you dig it? Science with flair, with or without stones, "sine" up now!

  • Boss Clan Mens Ring
    Boss Clan Ring

    Alien and steampunk styles inspire this unique and unusual ring. Its dramatic design is bold and asymmetrical, with a large channel for stones or a signet.

  • Space Square Mens Diamond Two Tone Wedding Ring
    Space Square Mens Diamond Two Tone

    This modern men's diamond ring can be made in two tone, or a single metal. The square stones are set apart, giving the impression of a gear or cogs in a wheel. Black or white diamonds recommended.

  • Two Tone Square Wedding Band  	Two Tone Square Wedding Band - top view
    Two Tone Square

    This ring has alternating metals around the band, broken up by hollow circles.


These powerful style rings stand out from classic wedding bands for their style. “Vena Amoris” (Vein of Love) is historical documentation of the first wedding bands. The vein in the ring finger leads directly to the heart. In ancient Egypt, drawings showed couples trading rings for marriage. The shape of a circle showcases that there’s no beginning or end. Ring materials started with simple elements, but over time some chose to use finer materials. Rings made of precious metals were seen to be more serious in their love and devotion.

Inspired by men of power - such as the Godfather and other famous mob bosses, our power ring collection grew. These powerful people always dressed well with an accent of a pinky ring. These rings were a symbol of their royalty and wealth. They were also seen as proof of their loyalty to their boss and collectives.

Signet rings are another aspect of the style of societies. Groups wore these rings to show their devotion to the association.

Sculptural rings of barbed wire and architectural designs make a powerful statement. The masculine design of barbed wire or camouflage is artfully crafted. Our designs on wedding bands include people’s hobbies and interests. Rings can feature geological topography or the ancient history of the pyramids.

The sculptural style is masterly crafted with precious metals and stones. Customize these rings with different metal types, gemstones, and personalized details. Contact our design team to create a ring that showcases your power and might.

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