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Designing Your Unique Mokume Ring

When building your mokume-gane engagement ring or wedding band, there are two basic parts: the mokume and the liner. The mokume color choices can be combined with any color liner. The liner includes the inside of the ring, the sides of the ring, and if it is an engagement ring, the setting. Most of the mokume engagement rings can also be made with another metal for the setting.
mokume wedding bands

Liner Color

Liner Metal Colors
Your mokume may be inlaid into 18K yellow gold, platinum, 14K rose gold, 10K green gold or 14K white gold.
Contact a mokume design specialist to help you create your dream mokume ring! We'll send you mockups and images to help you visualize your finished ring.
Yellow Gold Mokume Wedding Band
18K yellow
gold liner
Palladium Mokume Wedding Band
Platinum liner
Rose Gold Mokume Wedding Band
14K rose
gold liner
Green Gold Mokume Wedding Band
10K green
gold liner
White Gold Mokume Wedding Band
14K white gold
(natural unplated)

Edge & Profile

Our standard edge for a mokume band is #2 below.  That is the standard profile (slightly domed) with a micro edge.
edge and profile options
1. Flat profile, medium edge (0.6mm), flush rails
2. Standard profile, micro edge (0.3mm), flush rails
3. Standard profile, medium edge, flush rails
4. Standard profile, wide edge (0.8mm), flush rails
5. Standard profile, medium edge, raised rails
6. Standard profile, wide edge, raised rails
7. Standard profile, wide edge, v-groove rails
8. Standard profile, extra wide edge (1.5mm), flush rails
9. Heavy rounded profile, extra wide edge, flush rails

Stone Setting

Stones may be flush set, channel set, or bezel set.
Flush Set Wedding Band
Flush set
Channel Set Wedding Band
Bezel Set Wedding Band

Band Shape

Customize your wedding band to be straight, contoured, or precisely contoured to fit your engagement ring.
Straight Wedding Band
Straight band
Contoured Wedding Band
Specialty Contour
Contoured Band for Engagement Ring
Contoured to fit an engagement ring

Finishes: Matte Finish

Matte Finish Wedding Ring
Our matte finish is accomplished by masking all the surfaces of the ring except for the mokume, and bead blasting the mokume with fine glass beads. This treatment results in a satin finish that absorbs light and helps the different colors of the mokume become apparent. It is recommended to accentuate mokume pattern. As with any finish, the bead blasted surface is extremely superficial and will show signs of wear. The ring will eventually take on a uniformly worn look.

High Polish

High Polish Wedding Band
A high polish finish is a highly reflective mirror like surface that reflects the light. Because the mokume is bouncing the light back at you, the individual colors in the mokume are less apparent, and the mokume tends to appear uniform in color. In different lights, the individual colors may become more visible to the wearer. As with any finish, a high polish finish is extremely superficial and will show signs of wear. The ring will eventually take on a uniformly worn look, at which time the different colors will become more apparent. The high polish finish is easy to refresh with a polishing cloth or cream.


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