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Infinity Engagement Rings

A Love That Is Infinite

infinity engagement rings

Infinity is without bound, enigmatic and uncountable. Your love is immeasurable in its depth, a voyage through an expanse guided by your free-will, intuition, and trust. Krikawa’s Infinity Symbol Engagement Rings capture your lust for possibility, with a blissful bow to the ebb and flow of all things.

We’ve assembled this collection with symbols of infinity elegantly incorporated into our brilliant rings. Choose one of our customizable designs below, or let us help you design your perfect ring from scratch. All of Krikawa’s rings are made-to-order, handcrafted, and guaranteed. Find the ring you've been dreaming about today!

  • Contemporary Infinity Engagement Ring Contemporary Infinity Engagement Ring - top view
    Contemporary Infinity

    This unique engagement ring is based on a floral infinity motif. The ring tapers from 5 mm at the top to 3 mm at the bottom, and is comfort-fit like all Krikawa rings.

  • Embellished Infinity Engagement Ring  with Twisted Rails Embellished Infinity Engagement Ring  with Twisted Rails - top view
    Embellished Infinity With Twisted Rails

    With shimmer and curves, this ring is an extravagant work of art.

  • Infinity Leaf Engagement Ring Infinity Leaf Engagement Ring - top view
    Infinity Leaf

    Infinity symbols wrap your finger and dazzle with diamonds on this sculptural engagement ring.

  • Carved Infinity Pave Engagement Ring Carved Infinity Pave Engagement Ring - top view
    Carved Infinity Pave

    Flash and awe on your ring finger! This intricate engagement ring has a band of diamond paved infinity symbols. A brilliant halo dresses up your modest-sized diamond or gemstone.

  • Contemporary Infinity Engagement Ring with Diamonds Contemporary Infinity Engagement Ring with Diamonds - top view
    Two Tone Contemporary Infinity with Diamonds

    This unique designer engagement ring has two diamond accents for each infinity symbol in the band. A simple infinity meets the ornate symbols on the palm side of the band.

  • Modern Infinity Engagement Ring Modern Infinity Engagement Ring - top view
    Modern Infinity

    This unusual engagement ring displays a curly infinity symbol repeating around the band. Rails accentuate the design, in addition to protecting it.

  • Pave Infinity Engagement Ring Pave Infinity Engagement Ring - top view
    Pave Infinity

    This engagement ring features infinity symbols around the band. The infinity beneath the head has diamond pave and millegrain detail.

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