Ring Width

Ring width is measured in millimeters, which can be hard to visualize for those of us accustomed to inches. Unsure of how wide of a ring to order? We can send you sizing rings in different widths to try on.

If you don't have a metric ruler around, you can stack pennies and nickels together to approximate how narrow or wide you want your ring to be.

Note: According to the US Mint, a penny is 1.52mm thick and a nickel is 1.95mm thick. Please keep in mind that this graphic is only a guide, and the total width of your stacked coins may vary upon the condition and age of the coins.

Ordering an engagement ring and not sure how wide your ring should be relative to your stone? Pictured above are some recommended stone sizes and band widths:
  • 8mm diamond on a 6mm band
  • 7mm diamond on a 5mm band
  • 6mm diamond on a 3mm band
  • 5mm diamond on a 3mm band
  • 4mm diamond on a 2mm band