Scaffold Engagement Rings

Wedding Band Slides Into Engagement Ring

Our collection of Scaffolding rings is dynamic and elegant—your engagement ring and wedding band become one, unifying when engagement becomes marriage. All of our rings are made-to-order, and perfectly handcrafted by Krikawa master goldsmiths.
  • Juicy Scaffold

    Scaffold engagement ring has pave set stones that follow the sculptural curves up the band to hold the center stone and allows a wedding band to slip into it.

  • Organic Scaffold Channel Bridal Set

    scaffold engagement ring is lined with diamonds at the top of either side which lead up to the center stone being held four wide prongs.

  • Pear Swirl Scaffold

    This engagement ring connects two bands at the top where the metal swirls around the pear shaped center stone holding it in place. Wear it as is or add another ring between the two bands!

  • Bezel Channel Scaffold

    This gorgeous engagement ring has room for your wedding band to slip into. A stone is set in a cutout bezel and channels of diamonds line the top of the mounting.

  • Future Relic

    This ring takes its namesake from looking mysterious, antiquated, and otherworldly. Two textured bands are connected by scaffolding, and allow for a wedding band to slip inside. A flat-based stone sits in a diamond-accented setting. Can be ordered two-tone as shown, or in one metal.

  • Alien Elegance Scaffolding

    This beautiful scaffolding ring is otherworldly. Alien-esque prongs support a large center stone. Shown with black diamond accent stones.

  • Organic Scaffold Diamond

    This scaffolding engagement ring has an organic, carved vine-like setting. A wedding band can slip into this open-air design. Channels of accent stones (0.12 ctw) adorn the top of the ring. Bars structured at the bottom help support the inner ring.

  • Modern Scaffolding

    This unique contemporary engagement ring is designed to scaffold around a wedding band (priced separately). The wedding band cleverly slides in between the two plain bands of the engagement ring.

  • Swirl Scaffolding

    This contemporary engagement is mostly negative space since it's designed to wrap around a wedding band.

  • Calatrava

    Are you ahead of the times? Show it with this architectural stunner!This futuristic scaffolding ring is designed to fit around a wedding band.

  • Brilliant Scaffolding

    This ring has a wedding band inserted between two outer bands. An elegant diamond channel frames the center stone. This element adds a dash of brilliance to the ring.

  • Wide Deco Three Stone Scaffolding

    A scaffolding engagement ring with Art Deco angles. Can be worn with or without a wedding band.

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