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For over twenty years, Krikawa has been proud to create jewelry that commemorates some of life's most precious moments. Take a look below to find out what people have been saying about their custom ring journey with Krikawa!

Melinda's Story

Finding the perfect ring can be like finding that perfect someone in a microcosm: a long journey to get there, but when you know, you know...

Randall's Story

At Krikawa, we make custom design fun and easy! Watch below to learn about how one customer's vision became reality...

Max and Kristina's Story

It doesn't get more romantic than a surprise proposal, but how can you be sure that your intended will love their ring? Learn how Max got the best of both worlds, by taking Kristina on a custom Krikawa journey...

Chet and Kat's Story

For Chet, Krikawa made the process of buying an engagement ring comfortable and accessible. For Kat, we made a ring worth going to extraordinary lengths to recover. Watch below for the story - don't worry, it has a happy ending...

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