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I've been looking forward for the arrival of the ring and it finally arrived this afternoon at 1630hrs Singapore time. The ring is awesome and it's beautiful beyond description. Over dinner earlier with my family members, I've proposed to my fiancée and she had accepted my proposal to be her life partner. I would like to say a very big heartfelt Thank You to you and team Krikawa for making this special moment in my life possible.

- Freddie Ling


Which white metal should I choose?

White Metal Colors
Pros Cons

  • cool light gray
  • most affordable of the precious metals
  • 95% pure
  • lightweight
  • great for larger, bulkier designs
  • 95% wear resistance
    ("very good" wear resistance)
  • requires expertise in repairs
  • lightweight/low density not ideal for delicate designs
  • Vicker's hardness 125
    (140 special treatment available for additional cost/time)
  • cool light gray color
  • best all around metal
  • great for lightweight designs
  • excellent for repairs
  • "excellent" wear resistance
    (won't lose weight over time)
  • Vicker's hardness 130
    (150 special treatment available for additional cost/time)
  • 95% pure
  • most expensive
  • high density: heavy for bulky designs
14k White Gold

  • more affordable than platinum
  • very good for repairs
  • Vicker's hardness 150
  • our 14k white gold is nickel-free
  • not actually white
  • needs rhodium plating
  • "good" wear resistance
    (wears down over time)
  • only 58.5% pure