Tungsten Carbide

Is it the right choice for your wedding band?

We get a lot of requests for tungsten carbide.  Why?  Well, it's been a much advertised metal; and for some mysterious reason, guys really respond to having the "hardest" ring available.  Is tungsten carbide hard?  You bet!  It's so hard that it shatters when dropped.  Krikawa has decided that we don't want our clients investing in a symbol of their love with something that is so hard it breaks if dropped.  Just like a good solid relationship, there needs to be some yielding.

What is tungsten carbide? It is a very hard dark gray compound made by reaction of tungsten and carbon at high temperatures, used in making engineering dies, cutting and drilling tools, and the like.

What's our recommendation for Super Hard? 

For a lighter gray look, Cobalt Chrome.  This material is harder than stainless steel (and that's saying a lot).  If you were ever to sit at a workbench to sand and polish a cobalt chrome ring, you would certainly agree!  It will tear up your files and sandpaper, destroying the tools, yet without making a mark on the ring.  It feels like you are working glass.  The upside?  We can throw them around the shop without worrying about them shattering.  We can throw them on steel, hammer them (well, they won't really dent, but we can still do it!), and jump up and down on them, but really, nothing's going to happen.

For a black look, Black Zirconium.  There's no truly black metal, through and through.  The black is always some kind of treatment.  We've found the black zirconium to be an uber hard finish that holds up very well.

So, do you want a metal that is so hard and unyeilding it will drop when shattered, or do you want a ring that will truly last a lifetime?  You make the choice.

One jeweler demonstrates the shattering truth about tungsten carbide in his youtube video here:


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