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Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Enjoy the earthy luster of rose gold

Rose Gold Engagement Ring and Wedding Band with MokumeRose gold is enjoying a renewed popularity at Krikawa!  Rose gold, also called red or pink gold, is an alloy of copper and gold; it has a lovely, warm, rosy hue.  Rose gold looks beautiful with a wide range of stone colors.  The classic combination of rose gold with diamonds is stunning.

Rose Gold and Wood-Grain Metal

Krikawa’s Champagne mokume gane engagement rings and wedding bands are also very popular.  The rose color in this wood-grain metal looks great on many different skin tones.  Champagne mokume is a combination of 14 karat palladium white gold, 18 karat rose gold and sterling.
Rose gold is a nice choice to add uniqueness and originality to your engagement ring.  If you are looking for a way to set your ring apart, rose gold is a beautiful and elegant way to do it.

Pros and Cons of Rose Gold

- Rose gold is a fresh change from the white metals and yellow gold.
- It looks great on all skin tones.
- It's an excellent choice for both modern and vintage designs.
- It's very beautiful next to a variety of stones, especially diamonds and champagne diamonds.
- Unlike platinum or sterling silver, rose gold is the only reddish-hued metal.
- It's not as hard as platinum.
- It costs more than palladium.
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