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White Gold Engagement Rings

Mokume Angled Wave Engagement RingAt Krikawa, white metals are the most popular choice for engagement rings.  Platinum, palladium, and white gold are precious metals you may choose from when you're designing your custom engagement ring.  White gold is made by combining fine gold with a white base metal, known as an alloy.  The most commonly used alloys are nickel, palladium, and manganese.  Because as many as 1 in 8 people experience an allergic reaction to jewelry containing nickel, Krikawa rings are crafted from palladium white gold.

Natural, un-plated white gold has a warm yellowish hue, and is routinely rhodium plated to give it the bright white appearance most often seen in white gold jewelry.  However, un-plated white gold is a great choice if you prefer a warmer tone.

Considering the pros and cons of this metal type will help you decide whether white gold is the best choice for your dream ring.

Disadvantages of White Gold

  • must be re-plated about once a year
  • wears down over time
  • more expensive than palladium

Advantages of White Gold

  • great for repairs
  • unique natural color
  • Vicker's hardness of 150 - great for large stones and delicate designs
  • more affordable than platinum

Metal type is a choice as personal as center or accent stone color.  At Krikawa, we offer a range of purities, from 10k white gold (41% pure) to 18k palladium white gold (75% pure). Our designers will guide you through the process of selecting the ideal metal type for your unique and beautiful custom ring.
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