What Stone Color Will Accent Your Center Stone?

rainbow melee
Here is our selection of diamond and sapphire melee colors. Customize your engagement ring with your preferred colors and shapes. Imagine your dream ring with a channel of red, orange and yellow sapphires graduating in color. How about micro-paved champagne and cognac diamonds? Contact us if you do not see your desired color or stone type shown.
The colors shown below are an approximation of the actual stones; due to variations natural gemstones and in computer monitors the final color cannot be guaranteed to match your screen.

Natural Fancy
Color Diamonds

Color Enhanced
Natural Diamonds



Red ruby meleeruby meleeruby melee
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Blue photophoto photophotophotophotophoto
Green photo photo photo
Yellow photo photophotophoto photophotophotophotophoto
Orange photo photo photophotophotophotophoto
Brown photophotophotophotophotophotophoto
Black photo
Grey photo
White white diamond melee