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I was blown away when I actually got to see and hold my ring, it surpassed how I imagined it would be. It is absolutely exquisite. The whole process of ordering the ring and sizing even though I am in Scotland could not have been easier. Every query was answered and I can not thank you and everyone involved enough for the ease and engaging manner in which you dealt with me. Again, the ring is beautiful and I cannot wait to wear it from my wedding day onwards as it is a very special ring for a very special occasion.

- Donna McIntyre
Preswick, Ayrshire



A texture on a precious metal ring is nice, because it holds its shape over time.  That is why hand engraving was done so often on the old, vintage, platinum jewelry.

Finishes are often superficial, and while they may show wear over time, they are still necessary and beautiful.  Most rings and designs can be refinished occasionally to bring back the original luster of the metal.

Parallel Hammer

Parallel Hammer This texture is applied with a hammer.

Round Hammer

Round Hammer This texture is applied with a hammer.


MillegrainingMilgraining is decorative techniqueHand milgrain example on engagement ring in which, historically, a little roller is rolled over edges to give the appearance of tiny round balls.  Contemporary milgraining is done two ways:  Larger beads are cast in place, for a larger look and a more affordable price (shown on left), or the traditional wheel is used for true milgraining (shown on right).  Both can look great!  It just depends upon the final look you are trying to achieve.


High Polish

High Polish
A mirror like finish is created by sanding and polishing with increasingly finer grit.  A broad high polish is easily marred in a precious metal.

Matte or Satin Finish

Matte Finish
This satin finish is created by sandblasting with tiny glass beads.  A superficial finish that, when on the outside of broad surfaces, will easily show marks.  This is a great finish for recessed areas.



Brushed Finish
A brushed finish is applied with sandpaper.  Again, this is a superficial finish that can show wear over time in precious metals.


Darkened Background

Epoxy Background
Black epoxy:
This tribal infinity ring has an epoxy darkened background. It's very black, creating a high contrast. However, because it is an applied material, over time, it will chip off and/or wear away, depending upon how hard the ring is worn. This can be re-applied.

CCharcoal Plated Backgroundharcoal plating:
The wave ring has a black rhodium plating in the background. The color is a charcoal gray, for a low to medium contrast. Because it is actual metal plated onto metal, this will not wear away in a deep recess as shown. As long as the recessed area is low enough to not be rubbed, the plating will remain for a very long time.

 More Finishes

From left to right:

  • Natural Stainless Steel
  • Darkened Stainless
  • Rhodium-Plated White Gold