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I was blown away when I actually got to see and hold my ring, it surpassed how I imagined it would be. It is absolutely exquisite. The whole process of ordering the ring and sizing even though I am in Scotland could not have been easier. Every query was answered and I can not thank you and everyone involved enough for the ease and engaging manner in which you dealt with me. Again, the ring is beautiful and I cannot wait to wear it from my wedding day onwards as it is a very special ring for a very special occasion.

- Donna McIntyre
Preswick, Ayrshire

 Sketches and Layouts

Sketches, renderings, and group layouts, to help you visualize your dream ring by Krikawa.  What colors do you love?  What does your dream jewelry look like?  Let us help you bring it to life.

 Sanders Mountain Wedding Band - Dustin'sSanders Mountain Wedding Band - Ayesha'sCustom Champagne Mokume Wedding Band
Ring Sketch for Client

Shooting Star Light Engagement Ring with heart shape

Bare Bonsai Mockup with Winter Mokume and 10k Green GoldBare Bonsai Wedding Ring Sketch

Wang RopeDrobin Rendering Image  

tree of life engagement ringtree of lifetree of life

 three stone infinity setting engagement ring



 J hooks wedding band design