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I've been looking forward for the arrival of the ring and it finally arrived this afternoon at 1630hrs Singapore time. The ring is awesome and it's beautiful beyond description. Over dinner earlier with my family members, I've proposed to my fiancée and she had accepted my proposal to be her life partner. I would like to say a very big heartfelt Thank You to you and team Krikawa for making this special moment in my life possible.

- Freddie Ling


Sterling Silver is the whitest of all the metals, and thus a great metal to use in mokume, as the white color provides the best contrast with other colored metals. To be marked "Sterling" it must be 925 parts silver (or 92.5%). It is traditionally alloyed with 7.5% copper. Fine silver (99.9% silver) is generally too soft for most jewelry applications.

Sterling Silver from Krikawa

Sterling silver is a relatively soft metal, so we reserve it for more substantial designs (such as men's wedding bands), that do not have stones. Delicate ring designs would not withstand daily wear if made in sterling.

Sterling Silver Engagement Rings

Do you want your valuable and sentimental engagement stone set in a soft metal?  We often get the question of whether we can make engagement rings in sterling.  The short answer is yes, however, we want your stone to stay safe for a lifetime, and sterling silver is not the answer for that.