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For Your Unique Wedding and Engagement Ring

Because every ring at Krikawa is made to suit your heart's desire, we offer a comprehensive selection of accent stones for you to choose from. The dropbox on each product has our basic list, and then there are color variations and birthstones that are not listed there. Many of the gemstones are listed below.

rainbow of gemstones
Keep in mind that not every stone type is available in all shapes and sizes, and your design consultant will help guide you to finding the stones and colors that will work best for your custom piece.


Recommended Accent Stones for Rings

White Diamond, Natural 
white diamondwhite diamondwhite diamond

White Diamond, Lab Created
Our favorite white diamond alternative
white diamondwhite diamondwhite diamond

Moissanite, Lab Created
white diamondwhite diamondwhite diamond

Champagne Diamond, Natural 
Natural Brown DiamondNatural Brown Diamond 4Natural Brown Diamond 7
Black Diamond, Color Enhanced
black diamondblack diamondblack diamond

Ruby, Natural (lab created available)

Pink Sapphire, Natural (lab created available)
pink sapphirepink sapphirepink sapphire

Pink Diamond, Color Enhanced
Pink DiamondPink DiamondPink Diamond

Pink Diamond, Natural Untreated
natural pink diamondnatural pink diamondnatural pink diamond

Orange Sapphire
orange sapphireorange sapphireorange sapphire

Yellow Sapphire
yellow sapphiremedium yellow sapphireyellow sapphire

Yellow Diamond, Color Enhanced
yellow diamondyellow diamondyellow diamond

Green Diamond, Color Enhanced
light green diamondgreen diamondgreen diamond

Emerald, Natural (lab created available)

Blue Sapphire, Natural (lab created available)
light blue sapphireblue sapphiredark blue sapphire

Blue Diamond, Color Enhanced
light blue diamondblue diamondblue diamond

Purple Diamond, Color Enhanced
purple diamondpurple diamondpurple diamond

The colors shown above are an approximation of the actual stones; due to variations in natural gemstones and in computer monitors, the final color cannot be guaranteed to match your screen.

Your design consultant can provide videos of your accent stones with your center stones and metals, and can do color matching as well.


Accent Stones with Hardness Below 9 Mohs

The below stones represent more available colors and include the gemstones that are available in small sizes.  When worn in a ring, they have a higher likelihood of becoming scratched, abraided, chipped or broken over time.  

Garnet: Rhodolite (left), Mozambique (center), Tsavorite (green, right)
rhodolite garnetRound Mozambique Garnettsavorite garnet

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(image coming soon)

(image coming soon)

(image coming soon)

(image coming soon)

(image coming soon)



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