Custom Engagement Rings

unique creations made for you

At Krikawa, we specialize in custom engagement rings inspired by our clients’ desires. With our unique custom and made to order processes we handcraft your ideas and desires into perfectly realized, heirloom quality ring that are made in the United States, guaranteed, and unmatched in quality.

Browse our collection of custom-designed rings and discover what inspires you. Personalize it with your choice of precious metals, stones, and design details–or design your own. Find your dream ring today!

  • Bubble Wave

    This luxurious engagement ring features the classic three stone design with a twist, Bezel waves wrap the three stones and form an organic, flowing band.

  • Juicy Style Princess Halo

    This gorgeous Juicy style engagement ring has a princess cut solitaire stone surrounded by a diamond halo, with diamonds under and around for sparkle and more sparkle! Truly a beautiful and unique design! Make it your own with your choice of metal and stones.

  • Phantom of the Opera

    cocktail engagement ring, large center stone, side stones, diamond pave

  • Mokume Cross Metal Juicy Light

    This version of our mokume Juicy Light style adds an architectural element with crossed metal at the front top, creating an interesting upward flow.

  • Engraved Pave Tapered

    A lovely, hand-engraved leaf pattern swirls upward towards the dramatic center stone in this gorgeous ring.

  • Mokume Solitaire Millegrain

    Elegant and tasteful, this solitaire engagement ring packs a punch with its details.

  • Turquoise Flair

    An art deco beauty, this ring is a sight to behold!

  • Unique Hammered Metal Stacking

    This bezel set, tri-stone hammered engagement ring offers modern sophistication with its unique trio of stone shapes and placement.

  • Simple Brilliance

    A lovely aesthetic design is elevated even further by the architectural quality of the setting, giving it a stunning radiance.

  • Hammered Two-Tone Ring

    This unique ring beautifully showcases your center stone. The stone is set in an asymmetrical semi-bezel with accents along one side.The hammered band

  • Split Modern Cathedral

    solitaire ring with cathedral setting which crosses over itself. The band splits apart at the top and leads right into the prongs for the center stone

  • Mokume Cathedral with Side Stone

    Cathedral opening under the center stone with a side stone set on either side of the opening. The simple mokume band has a euro shank.

  • Fountain of Life

    This intricate engagement ring. euro shank two large stones. side of the mokume band is a single diamond. band fountains pave halo one stone in the center

  • Mokume Arrow

    This simple engagement ring has a mokume based band with an arrow on either side of the bezel set center stone.

  • Vintage Hidden Heart

    Millegrained accents around stones give this engagement ring a vintage feel. The center stone with diamonds outlining it. etchings. hearts carved out

  • Extreme Wave

    This sweeping, dramatic stunner is perfect for those who love a unique jewelry concept while retaining a classic feel.

  • Feather Claw Rose Daisy

    This gorgeous, unique engagement ring is perfect for the serious lover of nature.

  • Square Head Solitaire

    Delicate meets a quiet, confident boldness in this beauty of a ring.

  • Jade Bezel Hammered

    A wonderful example of understated elegance, this ring sings its simplicity with gorgeous details like hammered metal and a clean, modern style.

  • Single Branch

    Single Branch Engagement Ring

  • Marquise Bezel Anniversary Ring

    Two marquise diamonds are set in bezels next to each other with two round diamonds. The band splits and creates a base for the stones.

  • Delicate Pave Swirl

    A row of small stones curve up and around a larger stone of your choice in this stunning engagement ring.

  • Orchid

    floral ring has a beautiful orchid on either side of the band resting on the center stone. The band acts as orchid leaf and stem to complete the look

  • Vintage Replica

    This antique-style engagement ring was reproduced from an image provided by our client. This was designed to match the intricate details of the 1880s ring, but made using cutting-edge technology.

  • Silver Surfer

    This superhero-inspired engagement ring was a custom creation for our client. The sculptural surfer cradles a bezel-set gemstone. We can remake this as a platinum surfer or gold surfer ring, with a diamond or colored gemstone of your choosing.

  • Vintage Lacy

    This vintage-style engagement ring is embedded with a fine, lace-like texture. The center stone is surrounded by a halo of diamonds.

  • Vintage Three Stone

    When one stone and a simple mounting won't do, opt for this exquisite, three-stone design. The setting is lined with a halo of diamonds. The gallery has filigree and a hand-engraved flower. The edges of the band feature hand-rolled millegraining and more engraved details. 0.40ctw accent stones. 2.5mm wide band.

  • Large Leaf

    This sculptural engagement ring has leaves wrapping around marquise diamonds.

  • Modern Hand Engraved

    This ring was originally part of a set with the Hand Engraved Diamond Channel Side Wedding Band. Personalize this ring with your own symbol or pattern!

  • Modern Juicy Solitaire

    This gorgeous ring has prongs which beautifully curve from the tapered band to hold the center stone in place. criss-cross

  • Curved Wave

    band twists and curves around the stone, leaving a beautiful open space between the band and stone. small wave cut-outs while swirling

  • Modern Swirl

    This striking ring is a swirl of curves that embraces the center stone. An unusual and sensual design, it is similar to the Mokume Swirl, but without the mokume. A stunning handcrafted ring!

  • Modern Sculpture

    Looking for a ring to suit your modern bride's taste? This streamlined engagement ring has sleek lines, which accentuate the center stone beautifully. Because of the split shank, this ring mostly consists of negative space.

  • Pave Bow

    Bows aren't just for shoelaces or girls with pigtails. This asymmetrical, bow engagement ring is feminine and sophisticated.

  • Five Stone Prong

    This classic engagement ring is designed for five gemstones.

  • Agate Mokume

    This wood-grain metal engagement ring was first designed for an agate that was custom cut. The ring can be re-made for a unique gemstone. On each side of the bezel are three, bead-set 1.3mm diamonds (or sapphires). 0.06 carat total weight.

  • Flower & Ribbons

    This distinctive, solitaire engagement ring is inspired by nature. Two flowers are planted on each side of the prong setting. More flowers decorate the ruffled band.

  • Modern Wave Halo

    This halo design was originally made as a mother's ring, but can also be worn as an engagement ring. A wave of channel-set accent stones follows the contour of the halo.

  • Film Strip

    This ring tells a story! Customize the film frames with engraved symbols.

  • Lucky Heart

    Are you feeling lucky to be in love? Show it with the Lucky Heart Engagement Ring. Heart-shaped prong tips cradle the center diamond or gemstone.

  • Space Princess

    The Space Princess Engagement Ring is designed for you with a princess-cut diamond or colored gemstone. The prongs cradle the stone like an otherworldly creature.

  • Delicate Tulip

    This is a very organic engagement ring design. Paved diamonds accent each petal in our stylized tulips. The stems wrap around your finger.

  • Modern Scaffolding Three Stone

    This three stone engagement ring is designed to scaffold around a wedding band (priced separately). The wedding band cleverly slides in between the two plain bands of the engagement ring. Change the look of this ring by switching out wedding bands!

  • Modern Three-Stone - Round and Round

    The bezels in this three stone engagement ring are similar to the Modern Solitaire Engagement Ring. This sleek and elegant design works well with a variety of wedding bands.

  • Royal

    This engagement ring is fit for your inner duchess. Each side of it sparkles with paved diamonds. The setting is nested between two arches. A single blue sapphire gives an accent to the ring profile side.

  • Modern Juicy Liqueur

    This ring is like the original Juicy Liqueur, but without the mokume gane inlay. Accent stones follow the sleek curves of this show-stopper.

  • Tribal Pave

    This artistic engagement ring is inspired by tribal tattoo imagery. Paved diamonds accent the top half of the ring. Pair it with the original Tribal Wedding Band.

  • Mokume Borealis Light Solitaire

    This sleek engagement ring is a modified version of the original Mokume Borealis.

  • Apollo Three Stone

    The prongs in this handcrafted three stone engagement ring resemble flower petals and speak to the blossoming of romance and marriage.

  • Queen of Everything, Three Stone

    This stunning platinum ring is loaded with bling and craftsmanship. Inspired by the Art Deco era and jewels for royalty, this sculptural masterpiece is also fashion forward. It is shown here with a 1.29 ct fancy light green-yellow diamond, two crescent shaped white diamonds, and Winter mokume. This ring comes with one enhancer.

  • Laurel Wreath

    This sculptural ring has an organic band reminiscent of a laurel wreath. Diamonds are paved in a second precious metal.

  • Cocktail Ring Deluxe

    Custom ring design by award winning artist. Customize your wedding ring with a unique high-end international jeweler.

  • Opal Cocktail Ring

    This large custom sterling opal cocktail ring is the perfect choice for a unique ring.

  • Paved with Diamonds

    Exquisitely crafted platinum ring. Hand engraving creates the beautiful French Pave style of setting diamonds. Classic millegraining coupled with an ultra-contemporary design. 2.5mm wide, 0.57 ctw.

  • Satellite

    This futuristic engagement ring has a sleek symmetrical design like a satellite. Six prongs support the center stone. The top of the band has a groove, and is beveled on the palm-side.

  • Mokume with Channel-Set Accents

    This elegant engagement ring is like Mokume Solitaire Tapered except for the addition of 0.21 ctw channel-set accent diamonds.

  • Modern Five Stone

    This modern engagement ring has an emerald cut diamond in a four-prong setting. Two round side stones are channel-set on each side. Color enhanced round blue diamonds are depicted in platinum.

  • Mokume Pearl and Shell

    Like a pearl in a shell, the bezel in this engagement ring gracefully cradles its center stone. Shown here is a cultured naturally colored Tahitian pearl. A band inlaid with mokume gane tapers towards this feminine setting.

  • Tribal Thorn

    Inspired by the Tribal Thorn Wedding Band, this designer engagement ring features black accent diamonds around the band.

  • Scrollwork

    Gorgeous platinum ring completely hand fabricated down to the tiniest detail. Incredibly fine piercing on outer skin is juxtaposed with carved 18 karat gold accents on the side. Blue sapphire details.

  • Mokume Cathedral with Diamond Accents

    Fancy engagement ring with kite set princess cut diamond, mokume gane and pave diamonds

  • Capped Queen's Mokume Solitaire

    This gorgeous ring features a sculpted mokume gane band with curls. The setting is ideal for a large stone that may be capped for protection. Note the exquisite details in the stone cap. Fit for your inner queen!

  • Mokume Three Stone , Straight, Princess and Trilliants

    Unique Designer Three Stone Engagement Rings customized to your specs with mokume, diamonds, sapphires and platinum.

  • Mokume Three Stone , Tapered, Oval and Half Moons

    This designer engagement ring features an oval center stone embellished by two half moon side stones. A band of mokume gane tapers towards the setting.

  • Mokume Doublet Ring

    In this contemporary mokume gane ring, two round diamonds lay adjacent to each other where the band splits off. While this ring is asymmetrical, the squared off corner of each bezel balances the design.

  • Post Modern Solitaire

    A handsome design with a band featuring a simple cut-out design. The bold setting compliments the geometric band. Pair it with the Post Modern Wedding Band!

  • Mokume Twist Solitaire

    A band of mokume crosses over the bezel in this contemporary engagement ring.

  • Three Stone Infinity

    An infinity bezel unites the brilliant cut round diamonds in this unique handmade three stone engagement ring. The two tone band is tapered and inlaid with infinity symbols.

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