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flowersAt Krikawa, we specialize in custom engagement rings inspired by our clients’ desires. With our unique custom and made to order processes we handcraft your ideas into perfectly realized, heirloom quality rings that are guaranteed and unmatched in quality. Browse our collection of custom-designed rings and discover what inspires you. Personalize it with your choice of precious metals, stones, and design details, or design your own. Find your dream ring with Krikawa today!
  • Vintage Cluster

    A lovely combination of vintage styling and brilliant diamonds, this engagement ring features a cluster of small diamonds set into a dome-like head in place of a single center stone.

  • Juicy Western Power Ring

    Show off your strength, resilience, and uniqueness with a custom power ring made just for you!

  • Perfect Halo

    This lovely halo engagement ring features a prong-set center stone surrounded by a halo of diamonds or gemstones in a square head.

  • Three Stone Twist

    A simple three stone engagement is enhanced by a twisting strand of diamonds.

  • Floral Bouquet Light

    Grow your love in a garden she will wear every day!

  • Gentle Hand Embrace

    Reach out your hand and embrace your future with the one you love with this Gentle Hand Embrace Engagement Ring.

  • Ultimate Solitaire

    The ultimate in luxurious design and timeless beauty, this simple engagement rings puts your solitaire diamond or gemstone on display for the world to admire.

  • Simple Princess

    Clean lines and durable details make this modern engagement ring a comfortable yet luxurious design.

  • Trinity Weave

    Woven with love, this unique ring features a trinity of polished and diamond or gemstone accented bands.

  • Mokume Rose Petal

    Inspired by a fairy tale and love story, this ring makes us all believe in happily ever after!

  • Tribal Mokume

    A beautiful blend of wood-grain mokume gane and swirls of tribal art, this engagement ring is a symbol of both power and grace.

  • Proposal Ring

    Here is the engagement ring you can't screw up! Have the surprise proposal and then let her design her dream ring with the stone you've picked out just for her.

  • Floral Bouquet Rope Shank

    Wonderfully vintage in feel, this ring harkens back to an era of refined glamour, with its lovely twisted shape and garden of flowers on either side of some serious sparkle.

  • Carved Curls Light Drop

    This sculptural engagement ring, inspired by the original Carved Curls, has two channels of diamonds in a teardrop-shaped mounting.

  • Galaxy

    A sculptural work of art that showcases your solitaire to perfection!

  • Turquoise Trilogy

    There is nothing like the beautiful hues and patterning of natural turquoise and this unique engagement ring showcases it to perfection!

  • Floral Bouquet Marquise

    An enchanting bouquet of flowers is the setting for this classically romantic engagement ring.

  • Pear Pave Prong

    A pear shaped stone is elevated by diamond-lined prongs, giving this elegant handmade engagement ring a unique concentration of dazzling sparkle.

  • Modern Hand Engraved

    This ring was originally part of a set with the Hand Engraved Diamond Channel Side Wedding Band. Personalize this ring with your own symbol or pattern!

  • Brilliant Rose Swirl Pave

    The Rose Engagement Ring features thorn-like prongs swirling around the center stone. Pink accent diamonds are bead set in the band. 3mm wide.

  • Modern Three Stone Fancy Shapes

    This contemporary Modern Three-Stone Engagement Ring features a bezel-set round center stone and two hearts on each side. 3mm wide.

  • Modern Three-Stone - Cushion and Half Moon

    This contemporary Modern Three-Stone Engagement Ring features a bezel-set cushion-cut center stone and two half-moons on each side. 3mm wide.

  • Delicate Tulip

    This is a very organic engagement ring design. Paved diamonds accent each petal in our stylized tulips. The stems wrap around your finger.

  • Modern Curlicue

    This bezel-set engagement ring has curlicues inset where the shank splits, and round diamonds fill in the curls.

  • Two Stone Tree Branch

    Organic tree branches emerge from the band and flourish as they wrap around the two center stones.

  • Vintage Floral

    vintage floral design engagement ring

  • Three Stone Tree Branch Ring

    Symbolic of your loves eternal growth, three brilliant stones shine out from within the branches

  • Modern Brilliant Millegrained

    This striking engagement ring has three sets of graduated diamonds set between delicate millegrain gently tapering away from the setting. A commanding ring from all views. 3mm wide.

  • Five Stone Prong

    This classic engagement ring is designed for five gemstones.

  • Brilliant Wave Three Stone

    Like a tidal wave of luxury, this organic ring design features three distinct stones wrapped in ribbons of pave set diamonds.

  • Hammered Two-Tone Ring

    This unique ring beautifully showcases your center stone. The stone is set in an asymmetrical semi-bezel with accents along one side.The hammered band

  • Carved Curls with Rails

    curls line the center of the band in this elegant ring. Alongside the fun curls are small diamonds that accent the center stone. band are raised

  • Modern Vintage Millegrain

    At once daring and classic, this ring is a gorgeous example of allowing your personality to shine through.

  • Vine and Leaf

    This glistening and organic engagement ring has stylized vine tendrils with flush-set accent stones around a center stone, handcrafted and made to order.

  • Cross Three Stone

    Share your faith with this three stone engagement ring. The setting has a band with framed, repeating cross symbols. The top two symbols are decorated with small stones (0.04 ctw).

  • Modern Trillion Bezel Cocktail Ring

    A trillion shaped stone is set in a full bezel with small arch cutouts on each side. The band is con-vexed out at the edges and has a euro shank bottom.

  • Wide Deco Three Stone Scaffolding

    A scaffolding engagement ring with Art Deco angles. Can be worn with or without a wedding band.

  • Vintage Modern Square

    This Vintage Modern Square Engagement Ring is named for its unusual square-shaped halo. A leaf pattern cutout decorates the sides and underside of the setting.

  • Large Stone Mokume Wing

    This elegant mokume engagement ring is named for its wing-shaped mounting. The prongs supporting the large gemstone are integrated with the rest of the shank.

  • Vintage Millegrain Ribbon Curl

    Swirls of graceful millegrain"ribbons" cradle stones on either side of the center, giving this spectacular ring a vintage look.

  • Fountain of Life

    This intricate engagement ring. euro shank two large stones. side of the mokume band is a single diamond. band fountains pave halo one stone in the center

  • Juicy Style Princess Halo

    This beautiful and unique handcrafted engagement ring is stunning with a princess-cut solitaire diamond accented with more diamonds on the prongs and band.

  • Mokume Arrow

    This simple engagement ring has a mokume based band with an arrow on either side of the bezel set center stone.

  • Space Halo

    This ring design evokes a space age structure. A halo of diamonds encircles the gemstone setting.

  • Metropolis Diamond Accented

    This two-tone engagement ring is embellished with channels of diamonds.

  • Wide Leaf

    This is the wide version of the Delicate Leaf Engagement Ring. 0.21ctw accent stones. Mounting is made in your size and chosen metal.

  • Vintage Style with Fleur De Lis Halo

    This Vintage and Carved Curls inspired engagement ring has a halo, designed to make a modest diamond appear bigger. The sculpted curls meet a fleur de lis symbol. Shown with a 1/4 carat diamond.

  • Feather Claw Rose Daisy

    This gorgeous, unique engagement ring is perfect for the serious lover of nature.

  • Cushion Cut Solitaire

    A single cushion cut stone is mounted at the the top of this beautiful engagement ring.

  • Marquise Bezel Anniversary Ring

    Two marquise diamonds are set in bezels next to each other with two round diamonds. The band splits and creates a base for the stones.

  • Vintage Replica

    This antique-style engagement ring was reproduced from an image provided by our client. This was designed to match the intricate details of the 1880s ring, but made using cutting-edge technology.

  • Mokume Tahitian Cultured Pearl and Shell

    Gracefully cradled in a delicately carved and feminine setting, a pearl is set into a tapered Mokume-inlaid band on this elegant handmade engagement ring.

  • Large Leaf

    This sculptural engagement ring has leaves wrapping around marquise diamonds.

  • Pave Bow

    Bows aren't just for shoelaces or girls with pigtails. This asymmetrical, bow engagement ring is feminine and sophisticated.

  • Flower & Ribbons

    This distinctive, solitaire engagement ring is inspired by nature. Two flowers are planted on each side of the prong setting. More flowers decorate the ruffled band.

  • Film Strip

    This ring tells a story! Customize the film frames with engraved symbols.

  • Lucky Heart

    Are you feeling lucky to be in love? Show it with the Lucky Heart Engagement Ring. Heart-shaped prong tips cradle the center diamond or gemstone.

  • Space Princess

    The Space Princess Engagement Ring is designed for you with a princess-cut diamond or colored gemstone. The prongs cradle the stone like an otherworldly creature.

  • Modern Scaffolding Three Stone

    This unique engagement ring scaffolds, fitting around your wedding band. Three stones are centrally mounted, joining the two bands with clean, modern style.

  • Modern Swirl

    This striking ring is a swirl of curves that embraces the center stone. An unusual and sensual design, it is similar to the Mokume Swirl, but without the mokume. A stunning handcrafted ring!

  • Modern Three-Stone - Round and Round

    The bezels in this three stone engagement ring are similar to the Modern Solitaire Engagement Ring. This sleek and elegant design works well with a variety of wedding bands.

  • Modern Sculpture

    This sleek and streamlined modern handcrafted engagement ring is unique and beautiful, with negative space accenting beautiful, prominent center stone

  • Tribal Pave

    This artistic engagement ring is inspired by tribal tattoo imagery. Paved diamonds accent the top half of the ring. Pair it with the original Tribal Wedding Band.

  • Apollo Three Stone

    The prongs in this handcrafted three stone engagement ring resemble flower petals and speak to the blossoming of romance and marriage.

  • Queen of Everything, Three Stone

    This fashion forward Art-Deco inspired ring is a sculptural masterpiece, with mokume, extra bling, and unmatched craftsmanship, made by hand to order.

  • Laurel Wreath

    This sculptural ring has an organic band reminiscent of a laurel wreath. Diamonds are paved in a second precious metal.

  • Cocktail Ring Deluxe

    Custom ring design by award winning artist. Customize your wedding ring with a unique high-end international jeweler.

  • Opal Cocktail Ring

    This large custom sterling opal cocktail ring is the perfect choice for a unique ring.

  • Paved with Diamonds

    Exquisitely crafted platinum ring. Hand engraving creates the beautiful French Pave style of setting diamonds. Classic millegraining coupled with an ultra-contemporary design. 2.5mm wide, 0.57 ctw.

  • Satellite

    This futuristic engagement ring has a sleek symmetrical design like a satellite. Six prongs support the center stone. The top of the band has a groove, and is beveled on the palm-side.

  • Mokume with Channel-Set Accents

    This elegant engagement ring is like Mokume Solitaire Tapered except for the addition of 0.21 ctw channel-set accent diamonds.

  • Modern Five Stone

    This modern engagement ring has an emerald cut diamond in a four-prong setting. Two round side stones are channel-set on each side. Color enhanced round blue diamonds are depicted in platinum.

  • Tribal Thorn

    Inspired by the Tribal Thorn Wedding Band, this designer engagement ring features black accent diamonds around the band.

  • Scrollwork

    This handcrafted platinum engagement ring features scrollwork and delicate details while remaining contemporary, with negative space leading to the stone.

  • Mokume Cathedral with Diamond Accents

    Fancy engagement ring with kite set princess cut diamond, mokume gane and pave diamonds

  • Capped Queen's Mokume Solitaire

    A large stone setting is fit for a protective cap with exquisitely carved details, mounted on a sculpted Mokume Gane band.

  • Mokume Three Stone with Wide Band

    Unique Designer Three Stone Engagement Rings customized to your specs with mokume, diamonds, sapphires and platinum.

  • Mokume Three Stone , Tapered, Oval and Half Moons

    This designer engagement ring features an oval center stone embellished by two half moon side stones. A band of mokume gane tapers towards the setting.

  • Mokume Doublet Ring

    A balanced asymmetrical band of Mokume leads to two round diamonds in this contemporary and unique handcrafted ring

  • Post Modern Solitaire

    A handsome design with a band featuring a simple cut-out design. The bold setting compliments the geometric band. Pair it with the Post Modern Wedding Band!

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