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celebrity style Engagement Rings

Large Center Stone Designs for the Celebrity in You

Are you looking for a large diamond or sapphire ring? Big center stones are a growing attraction! Choose from the designs below or work with a designer who can create the perfect ring for you and your special large stone.
  • Ultimate Solitaire Engagement Ring Ultimate Solitaire Engagement Ring - top view
    Ultimate Solitaire

    The ultimate in luxurious design and timeless beauty, this simple engagement rings puts your solitaire diamond or gemstone on display for the world to admire.

  • Juicy Solitaire Engagement Ring Juicy Solitaire Engagement Ring - top view
    Juicy Solitaire

    Fresh, simple lines showcase your center stone to perfection, accented with brilliant pave set diamonds.

Decadence Infinity Engagement Ring Decadence Infinity Engagement Ring - top view
    Decadence Infinity

    nfinity symbols are hand-carved beneath the head of this design as tokens of your eternal love for each other.

  • Elizabethan Pave Engagement Ring Elizabethan Pave Engagement Ring - top view
    Elizabethan Pave

    An elegant and stunning cathedral setting lined with paved diamonds! The gallery of this halo engagement ring resembles a court lady's collar ruff.

  • Raindrop Dazzle Engagement Ring Raindrop Dazzle Engagement Ring - top view
    Raindrop Dazzle

    Dazzle her with diamonds that glitter like raindrops on this double-band engagement ring!

  • Famous Dazzle Engagement Ring Famous Dazzle Engagement Ring - top view
    Famous Dazzle

    engagement ring, pave accent stone, double band, pave halo, large center stone

Bubble Cocktail Mokume Ring Bubble Cocktail Mokume Ring - top view
    Bubble Cocktail Mokume Ring

    Brilliant diamonds float like bubbles around the large center stone!

  • Modern Princess Engagement Ring Modern Princess Engagement Ring - top view
    Modern Princess

    The underside of this ring is where an amazing artistic surprise awaits, perfect for any nature lover!

  • Princess Diana Engagement Ring Princess Diana Engagement Ring - top view
    Princess Diana

    A ring fit for a princess, this luxurious design is inspired by the engagement ring of Diana, Princess of Wales.

  • Vintage Style Teardrop Cocktail Ring Vintage Style Teardrop Cocktail Ring - top view
    Vintage Style Teardrop Cocktail Ring

    This vintage-inspired handcrafted ring is set with a large stone haloed with diamonds, perfect as a stunningly gorgeous cocktail or engagement ring.

  • Brilliant Scrolls Pave Engagement Ring Brilliant Scrolls Pave Engagement Ring - top view
    Brilliant Scrolls Pave

    Graceful and elegant, this is a breathtaking piece of art!

  • Woven Cocktail Ring Woven Cocktail Ring - top view
    Woven Cocktail Ring

    This cocktail ring has "woven" metal. The prongs emerge from beneath a diamond-accented collar on one side.

  • Branch Cocktail Ring Branch Cocktail Ring - top view
    Branch Cocktail Ring

    Make a bold statement with a Krikawa cocktail ring. This handcrafted mounting is designed to accommodate a large, colorful gemstone. A split shank with branch-like prongs holds up the center stone.

  • Laguna Cocktail Ring Laguna Cocktail Ring - top view
    Laguna Cocktail Ring

    This two-tone cocktail ring features a row of pave suspended around the stone setting. Depicted in the main style image is a Larry Woods Four Directions cut tourmaline.

  • Mokume Bezel Radiant Solitaire Engagement Ring Mokume Bezel Radiant Solitaire Engagement Ring - top view
    Mokume Bezel Radiant Solitaire

    Pattern and shine enhance the gorgeous simplicity of this stunning ring.

  • Starship Cocktail Ring Starship Cocktail Ring - top view
    Starship Cocktail Ring

    Boldly go where no woman has gone before! This cocktail ring is designed for a large gemstone, and has a setting that reminds us of a starship.

  • High Tea Ring
    High Tea Cocktail Ring

    Cocktail ring design by award winning artist, Lisa Krikawa. The designer-cut gemstone in this ring is by John Dyer.

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