Modern rings with a touch of bling

modern-diamond-engagement-ringsAre you inspired by architecture, the delicately balanced forms of Frank Lloyd Wright or Le Corbusier? Do you seek formal beauty and reinvention? Krikawa’s Modern Sparkle rings are restrained but brilliant, classically inspired and yet unmistakably contemporary. Find a ring that expresses your unique tastes, inspired by architecture, modern asymmetrical forms, and dynamism where elegance meets crafted complexity.

Choose one of our designs and pick the precious metals and stones that let your ring speak to your sophisticated aesthetic sensibility. Handcrafted by Krikawa’s master goldsmiths and made-to-order, our rings are guaranteed and unmatched in quality. Design your perfect ring today!

  • Swan Lake

    This organic engagement ring features two complimenting channels with the stones of your chooseing that flow together like water. The main channel tapers with various sized stones, while the accenting channel follows the wave design.

  • River Twist

    A stunning piece of art, this ring has the feel of movement and fluidity yet also emphasizes the solidity of your love with the cradled center stone.

  • Triangular Channel

    Different sized round stones line up in triangle shaped channels which lead to the round center stone in this beautiful engagement ring.

  • Diamond Swirl

    This simple solitaire engagement ring curves perfectly to fit in the Diamond Swirl Enhancer!

  • Carved Spiral Galaxy

    A beautifully decorated curved band curves up and around the center stone. Towards the top the band splits and elegant curls fill the opening.

  • Scattered Diamond

    Different size diamonds are scattered around the entire band with a single stone in a bezel setting at the top of this gorgeous engagement ring.

  • Modern Falling Water

    Does she like architectural forms? This is the modern, non-mokume version of our popular Falling Water ring. Like the Frank Lloyd Wright structure, this ring has strong horizontal and vertical lines.

  • Cathedral Channel

    This ring is similar to our Modern Cathedral Bezel Engagement Ring, but with some extra bling! Double diamond channels of accent stones extend down the band. 32 square diamonds (0.80 ctw). 5mm wide at the palm.

  • Modern Wave with Diamond Channel

    This contemporary engagement ring has a flush-set center diamond and a channel of stones.

  • Modern Crossover

    This ring is asymmetrical, and the lines are slightly organic without being "floral." The shank, or band, is squared off at all four corners. This style, called the European shank, can help prevent the ring from spinning around the finger. 4mm wide.

  • Saturn with Diamonds

    The Saturn Engagement Ring takes its namesake from the planet with many rings! Instead of cosmic dust, one of the rings is made with paved accent stones.

  • Modern Diamond Bezel

    This modern engagement ring has a scalloped channel of diamonds halfway down the band.

  • Bubble Diamond

    This engagement ring is made from tube-set diamonds clustered together like bubbles. This was first designed as a two-tone design. The center stone is held in place by a full bezel. The band tapers from 7mm on top to 4mm on the palm-side. 1.00 ctw accent stones.

  • Scattered Bezel Diamond

    This unusual diamond wedding band consists of scattered bezels in different sizes.

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