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Elysium Wedding Bands


Elysium is a darker shade of luxury. Made of highly compressed diamond crystals, this beautiful black material is solid diamond. These rings are the hardest and most stretch resistant available, making them supremely durable, long-lasting, and uniquely stunning options.

Elysium wedding bands are minimalist, exhibiting the uncommon sheen of this exceptional material. Polished Elysium is smooth with a deep obsidian lustre, while matte-finished elysium feels slightly velvety-soft, like full-grain leather. Not only are these rings unmatched in hardness and durability, but are also lightweight.

Choose a design with inlaid precious metals or a simple stone setting. Pick the shape, edge, size, and etching for your immaculate Elysium band. All Elysium bands are custom and made to order. Design your very own today.
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