Unique Men's Engagement Rings

Spectacular designs, made to order

mountain roadKrikawa’s unique collection of men’s engagement rings features designs with bold and distinctive details. Choose one of our existing rings, or let us help you design your own, turning your dream ring into an expertly crafted, one of a kind heirloom. Consider raw diamonds or sapphire slices, star sapphire, natural fancy diamonds, or text for something truly special. All of our rings are handcrafted, made to order, and guaranteed. Discover the perfect ring today with Krikawa.
  • Native Mokume Mens

    This amazing and uniquely designed men's engagement ring features mokume and a large stone, with native details carved into the band and shank.

  • Macle Mokume

    This mokume wedding band has a triangle sliver of a diamond--a macle--set in the center of the band.

  • Modern Flush Stone with Diamonds

    This design is similar to the Modern Flush Stone Engagement Ring, but with the addition of some extra sparkle! The sides of the band are adorned with "V" channels of tapering stones.

  • Mokume Flush Three-Stone

    A great ring for a man or a woman! Three stones sit at the top, flush with the mokume band. With a European shank.

  • Mokume Bat Ring

    Bold and angular, intersecting planes of Mokume form sharp wings that cradle the center stone on this handcrafted ring. Made to order for you by Krikawa.

  • Mokume Flush Stone Mangagement Ring

    This handcrafted Mokume Management ring has a flush-set center stone, two channels of accent stones, and a unique masculine design.

  • Championship Ring

    Celebrate a championship or victory with this hefty sculptural ring. Handcrafted and custom made, forge your win with your choice of metals, stones, and design.

  • Three Pyramid Mokume Men's Ring

    Three diamonds in the shape of pyramids are set at the top of this unique wedding band. Choose a mokume type and liner to make your band even more unique!

  • Men's Trillion Ring

    This modern and substantial men's ring is designed to be made out of two kinds of precious metals. The two sides of the geometric mounting fit together perfectly like puzzle pieces.

  • Rocket Men's Ring

    Unique men's wedding ring - Handcrafted, custom wedding bands by award-winning designer goldsmith. Custom, design your own ring.

  • Men's Shooting Star

    This masculine ring has a channel of gemstones and some inlaid stones creating the shape of a star. Wood-grain metal is set around the band.

  • Square in Circle

    The circle and square shapes in this custom, two-tone wedding band represent the client's family. The circle is a different metal type that is inlaid. 3.5mm princess cut sapphire shown.

  • Infinity Diamond Symbol

    This infinity symbol wedding band accommodates a pair of pear-shaped gemstones. Price includes stones.

  • Celtic Knot Men's Ring

    This awesome ring has a trinity knot on the side of the center stone. trilliant stone in the center. At the bottom of the band is Elvish engraving.

  • Sonoran Men's Ring

    This masculine turquoise men's ring ring is geometric and asymmetrical in design. It is inlaid with turquoise and princess-cut garnets--gemstones found in our Sonoran Desert.

  • Spinning Titanium Ball Men's Ring

    This dynamic men's ring features a titanium ball that spins. The geometric head and band are shown in yellow and white gold.

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