Cool Wedding Rings for Men (and Women!)

Even cooler because it will be hand made for you

Make a statement with a cool, different, or technically marveling wedding band. Our collection of Cool Wedding Rings features designs with unique beauty, individuality, and precision, all handcrafted by Krikawa master goldsmiths. Contact us for your own made-to-order design. Each ring is custom-made in your metal and width preference.
  • Barbed Wire

    Looking for a masculine, artisan wedding band? How about a gritty ring design reflective of your lifestyle or personality? Our Barbed Wire Wedding Band is the answer. The bars of this ring have a wood-grain pattern, with the "wire" wrapped in-between.

  • Strata

    This men's wedding band, featuring undulating strata and topography, was inspired by graphic geology. Can you dig it? Science with flair, with or without stones, "sine" up now!

  • Lattice Work

    This two-tone ring is made from two parts that are threaded and screwed together!

  • Moire

    This ring is named for its overlapping lines which resemble a moire pattern. Opposed layers of flutes create this captivating design.

  • Trestle

    This wedding band is inspired by the structural frames of wooden roller coasters, train-trestle bridges and DIY engineering. What ring could be more perfect for your beloved engineer or architect? While chunky, the ring's negative space makes it lighter than it looks.

  • Boss Clan Ring

    This half-euro shank, pseudo-signet works as alien steam-punk and/or a clan birthstone mantle. Diamonds, gemstones, cabochons or birthstones are bezel set in the contrasting metal insert and the shank is fully pierced.

  • Dragon Lord Diamond

    Do you have an extravagant appetite and station? Perhaps this elegant and powerful-looking ring is for you. Two channels of diamonds and bezel-set gemstones decorate the top face. This band has a four-sided profile, but is still round and comfort-fit on the inside.

  • King Tet

    This ring is composed of double tetrahedrons and pyramids. Gemstones are set into nine of the shapes. 0.84ctw.

  • Camouflage

    Make a statement with this camouflage ring. Three layers of color and texture create the organic pattern in this wedding band.

  • Ropes and Tire

    This wedding ring features an engraved tire pattern encircling the band and sculptural rope detailing on the edges. A diamond lays flush in the "tire."

  • Golf Ring

    This golf-themed ring is a hole-in-one! A golf ball patterned ring is wrapped by a club. At the head of the club sits a small stone, ready to hit the driving range.

  • Sun and Moon

    This two-tone wedding band represents the day on one side and the night on the other. Orange sapphires graduate to yellow like sunshine and blue sapphires sparkle like stars.

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