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design your own symbol matched wedding set
Word and symbol wedding bands are a unique way to bring special meaning to your lifetime commitment.

Whether it is a special phrase, musical score, or a particular symbol that has meaning to the two of you as a couple, each ring will be handmade to your specifications to reflect your individuality.

Collaborate with our friendly and knowledgable designers to design your own unique wedding ring.
  • Design Your Own Word

    Have a particular phrase or saying that has special meaning to you? Get it engraved in a Krikawa Word Ring! Includes 15 letters. See your font choices!

  • Design Your Own Word Ring 2

    This word wedding band has raised lettering with raised edges. The recesses can be darkened for contrast. Contact us with your personal text to get the order process started!

  • African Symbol

    Send us artwork for meaningful symbols and we'll put them into your wedding band!

  • Word & Gemstone Ring

    Start with a blank simple 3mm band and add your own words and gemstones to the band!

  • Design Your Own Pattern

    Take one of our repeating-symbol, eternity wedding band designs, and incorporate you and your beloved's initials! Our designers will create a monogram that seamlessly fits with the pattern.

  • Duck

    Are you or your partner passionate about waterfowl? Band your beloved with a precious metal Krikawa duck ring. Like an actual duck band with its unique ID number, make yours one-of-a-kind with your wedding date or meaningful location.

  • Roman Numeral Band

    If you enjoy roman numerals over modern day numbers, this is the ring for you. Please inquire for pricing of other metals.

  • Coordinates Band

    This ring allows you to have coordinates that are important to you engraved around the outside of the band.

  • Chinese Character

    Wear a personalized wedding band with a Chinese character that is meaningful to the two of you. Handcrafted in your preferred metal, width and finger size.

  • Design Your Own Shape

    This band was designed to complement the Mokume Embrace Engagement Ring. With curves and etching, this is not your usual wedding band. 6mm wide.

  • Design Your Own Symbol 2

    "Odo nnyew fie kwan"--"Love never loses its way home." The design encircling this handsome wedding band is one of the many Adinkra symbols from West Africa.

  • Design Your Own Knot

    Do you have a special knot design in mind? Submit it to our designers and have your knot transformed into a custom, one of a kind wedding ring.

  • Fingerprint

    Krikawa rings are one-of-a-kind like fingerprints. Have a custom-made, unique fingerprint wedding band to symbolize you and your beloved. In our fingerprint ring, the pattern is etched and swirls around the band.

  • Eternity Sound Wave Band

    This truly unique ring will have the sound wave of your voice or someone important to you etched around the entire band.

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