Celtic & Knot Wedding Bands

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ropesA sailor’s hitch is secure, yet simple and essential. Tying a knot is a fundamental ritual, often the first step towards adventure, mobility, and the compassionate exploration of your world. Show the innate strength of your love with a hint of ocean air or historic interlace.

Krikawa’s Knot Wedding bands are fully customizable, made-to-order, and handcrafted by our master goldsmiths. See how our our beautiful Knot wedding bands are made. Design your very own today!
  • Vintage Celtic Knot Band

    Unique Designer Celtic Knot Pattern Wedding Band with polished milligrained rails. Design your own wedding ring for both men and women.

  • Sculptural Celtic Knot Band

    The unique, designer Sculptural Celtic knot Pattern Wedding Band. Characterized with an intricate, airy look this ring is truly spectacular

  • Climber's Knot Eternity

    This eternity-style wedding band has a repeating figure-eight climber's knot.

  • Tibetan Knot Eternity Band With Diamonds

    Brilliant diamonds shine out from within the center of the intricate endless knot pattern that wraps the band.

  • Tibetan Knot Eternity

    The endless Tibetan knot is an appropriate symbol for your eternal love. Choose from a range of metals to build the perfect ring.

  • Tibetan Knot

    This sculptural ring has a Tibetan-inspired knot framed by the split shank. Four accent stones are set around the pattern.

  • Celtic Trinity Knot

    This eternity symbol wedding band for men has a repeating Celtic trinity knot symbol. The background is recessed, with raised edges.

  • Claddagh

    This Claddagh is custom-made for you. Our version of the traditional Irish symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship is handcrafted and made to order.

  • Rustic Knot

    This is an artistic representation of your never-ending love and connection with the eternal knot design that wraps around the band.

  • Decorative Celtic Knot

    The Celtic trinity knot repeats around this wedding band. The symbols are framed by an undulating border and accented by small shapes.

  • Diamond Sailor's Knot Eternity

    For the sailor at heart, this wedding band has a sailor's knot pattern that repeats across the entire ring with diamonds placed within the pattern as well.

  • Women's Sailors Knot

    A beautiful symbol of your eternal love and connection, this knot wedding band is accented with your favorite gemstones or diamonds!

  • Sailor's Knot Eternity Symbol

    This designer wedding band features the Carrick bend sailor's knot.

  • Diamond Knot

    This two tone knot wedding band is a beautiful symbol of your everlasting love with the eternity knot design.

  • Eternity Symbol Eternal Chain

    This unique wedding band matches the Eternal Chain Engagement Ring.

  • Eternal Chain

    This wedding band consists of an eternity style chainlink. Pair it with the Eternal Chain Engagement Ring!

  • Seven Knot Eternity

    Seven knots for the seven knots every sailor must know. This pattern is done in negative with a darkened recess.

  • Celtic Knot Eternity Symbol

    Unique Designer Celtic and Custom Pattern Wedding Bands made to spec. Design your own wedding ring for men and women.

  • Flush Unity Wedding Set

    This is a great solution to an interconnected wedding ring set for him and her. These rings incorporate partial symbols on two separate rings. When placed side by side the entire symbol is revealed.

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