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I've been looking forward for the arrival of the ring and it finally arrived this afternoon at 1630hrs Singapore time. The ring is awesome and it's beautiful beyond description. Over dinner earlier with my family members, I've proposed to my fiancée and she had accepted my proposal to be her life partner. I would like to say a very big heartfelt Thank You to you and team Krikawa for making this special moment in my life possible.

- Freddie Ling

Unique and Unusual Custom Rings for Men

Personalized and Hand Made to Order, Just for You

Mens Rings

The Perfect Men’s Ring: Your Personality and Lifestyle

You’re choosing a ring to reflect your lifestyle and your personality. Your ring needs to fit your hand and your budget. You want your ring and the process of buying it to be as simple and convenient as possible.

At Krikawa, you’ll find a team of experts to help you:

  • Choose the best metal to compliment your skin tone and style.
  • Compliment your design with the right gemstone or birthstone.
  • Create a custom ring design for an exclusive look.

The style of your ring may represent a special moment in your life, your heritage or simply your unique tastes and preferences. Your ring may be worn regularly or on special occasions. Your lifestyle will play a role in selecting the perfect ring.

Your Life. Your Style.

At Krikawa, we’ll help you consider sports, work and hobbies in designing your ring. Each of these will present unique opportunities to create a ring capable of standing the test-of-time. Your distinct tastes will play a large role in designing the ring you were meant to wear. At Krikawa, you can choose:

  • Simple yet spectacular designs ready to impress family and friends.
  • Designs with a hint of adventure. Choose from ribbed edges, metal inlay for contrast or two tones.
  • Raw diamonds, sapphire slices or a star sapphire can add a touch-of-class to any ring.
  • Natural fancy diamonds to create unique and special touches.
  • Bold and daring designs such as the Rocket Men’s Ring.
  • High tech metals for a durable finish, such as stainless steel, palladium or platinum.
  • Your family crest, meaningful words, dates or symbols to add special significance.
  • Engraving, etching or inlay to celebrate a special moment of your life.

At Krikawa, our craftsmanship guarantees you’ll be wearing more than a ring. You’ll hold a hand-crafted work of art reflective of your style and personality. Like many great events in your life, some things just speak for themselves.

Find out what a ring from Krikawa could say about you. Discover the ring you were made to wear. Call or email us today.