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Bubble Diamond Engagement Ring

Express yourself with this bubbly ring style! Lightweight and sparkly, this engagement ring is made from bezel-set diamonds clustered together like bubbles. This was first designed as a two-tone design. The center stone is held in place by a full bezel. The band tapers from 11mm on top to 4mm on the palm-side. 1.00 ctw accent stones.

Check out this comparison slide show showing your different style options for this design.

Shown in palladium and yellow gold, with a one carat round diamond center and 1.00 ctw diamond accents.  
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You’ll be quite taken by our simple custom design process, dedication & our money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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Notes From Our Wonderful Clients

  • “I finally received the ring about an hour ago and the only thing I can say is, Oh My GOD! The ring looks amazing, fantastic and any other word found in the thesaurus. The quality is incredible and I'm almost too excited for her to see it, I'm not sure if i can wait for the "right moment" to actually ask her rather than just pulling it out like, "HEY LOOK! ”
    client photo Lou Schisler Sumper, SC  USA
  • “I received my ring a couple weeks ago & was very satisfied w/ the outcome. After I had examined it, I was very happy & amazed w/ the details. It was exactly what I had expected & you guys do your jobs well. Thank you for providing me w/ an unforgettable gift. My fiance & I are a really simple couple & the ring totally represents who we are. Again, thank you & hopefully we'll be able to do business again. ”
    client photo Joseph Poblador Stockton, CA  USA