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Vintage Leaf and Vine Engagement Ring


Transport yourself to a realm of timeless allure, where an old soul's love for vintage blooms like a garden of flowers. This exceptional cathedral-style engagement ring weaves the perfect narrative for a picnic proposal, where parasols dance, laughter resonates, sparkling lemonade sparkles and tender kisses write the tale.

An embodiment of uniqueness, the ring captures the essence of a bygone era, its intricate design a testament to love's intricate journey. Tailored to reflect your shared bond, you can select the gold or platinum that echoes your story's harmony and a diamond or gemstone that mirrors the dreams you both envision.

Imagine the gleam in her eyes as she beholds this symbol of your affection—a ring that signifies commitment and encapsulates her vintage-loving heart. Beyond a unique engagement ring, it's a tribute to timeless beauty, an elegant promise.

Lock this moment in time with a handcrafted ring, made just for you, transcending the ordinary with a ring that resonates with her vintage spirit. This engagement isn't just a proposal; it's a chapter of your tale as extraordinary as the ring that graces it.

The band is 2.5mm in width at the palm.

Shown here in 14k rose gold with a 6mm round peach sapphire center.
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  • “We received our beautiful rings and absolutely love them!! I can't tell you how happy we are to wear them....They were well worth the wait. Thank you once again. ”
    client photo Sheila & Patrice Sunnyside, NY  USA
  • “I finally received the ring about an hour ago and the only thing I can say is, Oh My GOD! The ring looks amazing, fantastic and any other word found in the thesaurus. The quality is incredible and I'm almost too excited for her to see it, I'm not sure if i can wait for the "right moment" to actually ask her rather than just pulling it out like, "HEY LOOK! ”
    client photo Lou S. Sumper, SC  USA