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Tight Twisted Wedding Band

This twisted wedding band is actually fabricated from two metals, not plated like commercial jewelry.  What that means is that through a life of wear, you will always be able to see the two metals.

A twisted wedding band is the perfect representation of a harmonious relationship; each unique yet woven together to create a new whole. Add further contrast with different textures like a matte band and a high-polish band.

Choose your favorite metal colors, and your ring size, and start the creation of your tight twisted wedding ring today!

You’ll be quite taken by our simple custom design process, dedication & our money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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Notes From Our Wonderful Clients

  • “First and foremost, the engagement ring has been a smashing success. It's been a treat to see the girly side of my normally level-headed, non-girly, nursing-student girlfriend. So, thank you very much on that account. I'm very pleased. Thanks again for all of your help so far. ”
    client photo James Watriss Arlington, MA  USA
  • “We received our beautiful rings and absolutely love them!! I can't tell you how happy we are to wear them....They were well worth the wait. Thank you once again. ”
    client photo Sheila & Patrice Nobles Sunnyside, NY  USA