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Custom Wedding Bands

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At Krikawa, we specialize in custom wedding rings inspired by our clients’ desires. With our unique custom and made-to-order process, we handcraft your ideas into perfectly realized, heirloom quality rings that are guaranteed and unmatched in quality. Browse our collection of custom-designed wedding rings and discover what inspires you. Personalize it with your choice of precious metals, stones, and design details, or design your own. Find your dream ring with Krikawa today!

  • Mission Control Pave Wedding Band
    Mission Control Pave

    This contoured wedding band has bead-set diamonds protected by rails, for a more modern look.

  • Tree of Life with Volcano Wedding Band Tree of Life with Volcano Wedding Band - top view
    Tree Of Life With Volcano

    Your love has branches that reach farther than you'll ever know.

  • Western Rose Floral Wedding Band Western Rose Floral Wedding Band - top view
    Western Rose Floral

    A wedding band that celebrates the beauty and strength of your love. The desert rose is a flower that can withstand harsh conditions but stays radiant and strong.

  • Contoured Mokume Diamond Wedding Band Contoured Mokume Diamond Wedding Band - top view
    Contoured Mokume Diamond

    This wedding band stands out on its own with its one-of-a-kind pattern of mokume. Complimenting the natural pattern of the mokume.

  • Embracing Brach Three-Stone Accent Wedding Band Embracing Brach Three-Stone Accent Wedding Band - top view
    Embracing Branch Three-Stone Accent

    The delicate branches intertwine with each other similar to a loving embrace. Each branch delicately cradles the three accent stones.

  • Mokume Raised Swirl Wedding Band Mokume Raised Swirl Wedding Band - top view
    Mokume Raised Swirl

    The organic pattern of the mokume swirls resembles the planet of Jupiter.As the clouds surround the band, the raised swirl emphasizes the great bezel-mounted stone.

  • Mokume Accented Enhancer Mokume Accented Enhancer - top view
    Mokume Accented Enhancer

    The enhancer features delicate pave diamonds that sparkle and make your ring even more beautiful. The mokume wood grain pattern travels along the band, showcasing the organic shapes of precious metals.

  • Vintage Milliegrain Eternity Wedding Band Vintage Milliegrain Eternity Wedding Band - top view
    Vintage Millegrained Eternity

    An eternity of diamonds dazzles with vintage accents. To enhance its allure, the band is meticulously hand-rolled with millegrain detailing, crafting a timeless and refined finish that radiates elegance.

  • Turquoise Flair Wedding Band Turquoise Flair Wedding Band - top view
    Turquoise Flair

    A perfect blend of natural stone and modern design details.

  • Stonehenge Wedding Band Stonehenge Wedding Band - top view

    One of the wonders of the world, the famous prehistoric monument Stonehenge is recreated here in this two-tone wedding band.

  • Journey Wedding Band Journey Wedding Band - top view

    Tell your love story and showcase your journey as it wraps around your wedding band.

  • Mixed Shapes Luxury Diamond Wedding Band Mixed Shapes Luxury Diamond Wedding Band - top view
    Mixed Shapes Luxury Diamond

    This luxurious piece elevates the glamour of classic wedding bands.

  • Barbed Wire Wedding Band 2 Barbed Wire Wedding Band 2 - top view
    Barbed Wire 2

    A unique, masculine band with artistic details in a thoroughly comfortable design.

  • Jade Inlay Wedding Band
    Jade Inlay

    Jade is inlaid into the metal lining of your choice in this simple wedding band.

  • Flush Unity Interlocking Wedding Set
    Flush Unity Wedding Set

    This is a great solution to an interconnected wedding ring set for him and her. These rings incorporate partial symbols on two separate rings. When placed side by side the entire symbol is revealed.

  • Luxury Symbol Of Love Wedding Band Luxury Symbol Of Love Wedding Band - top view
    Luxury Symbol Of Love

    This luxurious symbol of love Andinkra wedding band comes from West Africa. It means "odo nnyew fie kwan"  translated to 'love never loses it's way home.

  • Tribal Wedding Band with Hearts and Bones Tribal Wedding Band with Hearts and Bones - top view
    Tribal with Hearts and Bones

    This band features a raised contemporary hearts and bones motif. The organic patterns around the band were inspired by tribal tattoo imagery.

  • Footprints in the Sand Wedding Band
    Footprints in the Sand

    Is there a walk on the seashore that you hold dear to your heart? This contemporary wedding band evokes a sandy beach. The recessed footprints of yours, or your beloved's, encircle the ring.

  • Angled Wave Wedding Band Angled Wave Wedding Band - top view
    Mokume Angled Wave

    This contoured mokume gane wedding band is designed to fit the Mokume Angled Wave Engagement Ring.

  • Tribal Fish Eternity Wedding Band Tribal Fish Eternity Wedding Band - top view
    Tribal Fish Eternity

    This eternity symbol wedding band has tribal fish wrapping around the ring. Accent diamonds form the eyes.

  • Camouflage Wedding Band

    Make a statement with this camouflage ring. Three layers of color and texture create the organic pattern in this wedding band.

  • Ropes and Tires Wedding Band Ropes and Tires Wedding Band - top view
    Ropes and Tire

    This wedding ring features an engraved tire pattern encircling the band and sculptural rope detailing on the edges. A diamond lays flush in the "tire."

  • Golf Ring Golf Ring - top view
    Hole in One! Golf Sports Ring

    This golf-themed ring is a hole-in-one! A golf ball patterned ring is wrapped by a club. At the head of the club sits a small stone, ready to hit the driving range.

  • Snake Knot Ring Snake Knot Ring - top view
    Snake Knot Ring

    Two snakes cozily coil around each other in this custom ring. A great design making use of two kinds of precious metals!

  • Aascher Pave Contoured Wedding Band Aascher Pave Contoured Wedding Band - top view
    Ascher Pave Contoured

    This luxurious wedding set includes Asscher-cut stones accented by pave diamond melee halo and sides. These handcrafted pieces are unbeatable.

  • Flush Diamond Mokume Angled Wave Wedding Band Flush Diamond Mokume Angled Wave Wedding Band - top view
    Flush Diamond Mokume Angled Wave

    This angled wedding band is crafted from your choice of mokume and is lined with flush stones. It aligns with the Mokume Angled Wave Engagement Ring

  • Pearl Eternity Wedding Band Pearl Eternity Wedding Band - top view
    Pearl Eternity

    Wrap your wedding band with shimmering pearls!

  • Shared Prong Wedding Band- 2mm Diamonds
    Shared Prong - 2mm Diamonds

    This beautiful band will look great with any engagement ring she may have. The 2mm diamonds are set in the band with prongs, they equal up to 0.88 carats.

  • Shared Prong Wedding Band- 2.4mm Diamonds
    Shared Prong - 2.4mm Diamonds

    2.4mm diamonds circle around the entire band in this wedding ring adding up to 1.25 total carats.

  • Bezel Wedding Band Bezel Wedding Band - top view

    With a single stone in a bezel setting along the band, this wedding band is definitely simple.

  • Cigar Channel Diamond Wedding Band - 8mm  	Cigar Channel Diamond Wedding Band - 8mm - top view
    Cigar Channel Diamond - 8mm

    This concave-shaped wedding band has a channel of gemstones going around the band. Stripes of a different colored metal are inlaid on each side of the channel.

  • Diamond-Accented Monogram Symbol Wedding Band
    Diamond-Accented Monogram Symbol

    This symbol wedding band incorporates an elegant monogram of you and your partner's initials.

  • Pave Channel Eternity Wedding Band
    Pave Channel Eternity

    This brilliant wedding band has a circle of paved diamonds within a channel.

  • Bamboo Wedding Band
    Bamboo and Rope

    This striking wedding band is our interpretation of the bamboo plant. This ring consists of three bamboo stems wrapping around your finger.

  • Klimt Wedding Band 2 Klimt Wedding Band - top view
    Klimt 2

    This artistic ring was inspired by the Gustav Klimt painting, "The Kiss." The wedding ring design is reminiscent of the Art Nouveau patterns and forms from the original work of art.

  • Mokume Flush Stripe Wide Wedding Band with Words
    Mokume Flush Stripe Wide Word

    Have the ultimate one-of-a-kind wide wedding band with wood grain metal and some meaningful words. Have a phrase in English, Thai, or any tongue etched in around your wedding ring!

  • Eternal Heart Diamond Wedding Band
    Eternal Heart Diamond

    Diamond-accented hearts are intertwined, eternity-style, like you and your partner's.

  • Snowflake Diamond Wedding Band Snowflake Diamond Wedding Band - top view
    Snowflake Diamond

    A snowflake with a diamond accents this contemporary wedding band. This unique ring complements the Artistic Snowflake Engagement Ring.

  • Western Floral Engagement Ring Western Floral Engagement Ring - top view
    Western Floral

    This elegant ring consists of a plain band with flush set diamonds and a band with a Western floral pattern in relief. A diamond bezel rests on top. Ideal cut diamonds.

  • Light Curls Mokume Engagement Ring Light Curls Mokume Engagement Ring - top view
    Light Curls Mokume

    This sculptural ring is similar to the Carved Mini Curls Engagement Ring, but with the addition of mokume gane.

  • Wide Diagonal Pave Stripe Wedding Band
    Wide Diagonal Pave Stripe

    This contemporary wedding band features a diagonally-oriented channel paved with diamonds. 12mm wide.

  • Mokume Jade Side Inlay Wedding Band
    Mokume Jade Side Inlay

    This mokume wedding ring has jade inlaid around the band.

Wedding bands don’t have to be plain. Traditionally, bands are simple and made of gold. Now, it has evolved into a wide variety of materials, shapes, and stone accents. Traditions are being broken and now you can have your wedding band be more personal to you. There are no boundaries on gender expression for these rings. Everyone can wear the wedding band that speaks to them.

Wedding bands were made of metal or gold and made into a simple bands. Nowadays, the options are limitless. Our precious metals options are platinum, white gold, yellow gold, green gold, and rose gold. Mokume is an ancient Japanese practice of precious metal folding, like Damascus steel. We offer six different flavors resembling seasons and color profiles. These include White, Tri-Gold, Champagne, Autumn, Winter, and Summer.

Gemstones are included in rings giving a little dazzle. Rings can include a simple inlaid diamond or a string of pave stones. Gems stones aren’t reserved for engagement rings anymore! Contoured rings are perfect to accompany the engagement ring. A custom design to perfectly and comfortably fit your ring creates a sculptural work of art.

Sculpturally designed wedding bands are inspired by science, nature, and creative designs. These styles of rings have cut-out designs with engineered patterns. More creative rings can be shaped like barbed wire, dragons, and musical instruments. Panoramic views of mountain ranges can be hand carved in a wedding band.

Our designers love to think outside the box. Nothing is too absurd, because we want you to have your perfect design. Make an appointment to discuss your love story and how your dream wedding band can be yours.

You might just want to make your own! If so, read more about our Wedding Ring Workshops.

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