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Heavy Texture Wedding Bands 

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Heavy Texture Wedding Bands
Find a Heavy Textured wedding band that resonates with you. From soft brushed metals, to stippled hammered surfaces and rough artifact-like styling, our collection of heavily textured rings will satisfy your tactile sensibilities. Krikawa’s rings are fully customizable and made to order in the precious metals and design that you choose. Handcrafted by our master goldsmiths, our rings are unmatched in quality and guaranteed to fit. Find your perfect ring today!
  • Ancient Roman Wedding Band with Rails Ancient Roman Wedding Band with Rails - top view
    Ancient Roman with Rails

    Ancient Roman wedding band with rails, 6mm, 10k green gold liner, 14k natural white gold inlay.

  • Ancient Roman Style Bronzed Ring
    Ancient Roman Style

    This ring's textured finish replicates the look of an ancient artifact. A bronze color can be achieved with rose gold plating.

  • Machinist Wedding Band

    This wedding band's rugged, complex texture is the result of a grinding wheel.

  • Sun and Moon Wedding Band Sun and Moon Wedding Band - top view
    Sun and Moon

    This two-tone wedding band represents the day on one side and the night on the other. Orange sapphires graduate to yellow like sunshine and blue sapphires sparkle like stars.

  • Tiny Hammer Wedding Band
    Tiny Hammer

    This wedding band gives the illusion of having diamonds! The tiny dimples sparkle as this ring moves under the light.

  • Crosshatched Wedding Band

    This diamond cut finish is busy yet elegant.

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