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Ancient Roman Style Wedding Band

Travel back to the ancient city of Rome and dig in the ground to find a ring like this... or just order our etched, textured, aged ring that gives the same look but is a lot more comfortable, with a nicely polished comfort fit on the inside of the ring.  This ring's textured finish replicates the look of an ancient artifact.  

You’ll be quite taken by our simple custom design process, dedication & our money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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Notes From Our Wonderful Clients

  • “First and foremost, the engagement ring has been a smashing success. It's been a treat to see the girly side of my normally level-headed, non-girly, nursing-student girlfriend. So, thank you very much on that account. I'm very pleased. Thanks again for all of your help so far. ”
    client photo James Watriss Arlington, MA  USA
  • “I received the ring yesterday, much earlier than I anticipated; thank you for you're help. The packaging was great, but the ring was stunning! I wanted to give my sincere thanks to you, Jackie, (and those I didn't get to meet,) for creating this beautiful ring. Thank you all so much! ”
    client photo Blaine Toderian Coquitlam, BC  Canada