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Stuller Solutions Symposium

February, 2010
Solutions Symposium

Lisa Krikawa was invited to attend the exclusive Solutions Symposium in Lafayette, Louisiana. The event, hosted by Stuller, Inc., brought together independent jewelers utilizing new and innovative practices in their businesses. Lisa and John were able to attend seminars on enhancing the modern-day customer experience.

Christo Kiffer with Krikawa Jewelers
Kristy, Christo, & Lisa

Christo Kiffer and Lisa Krikawa
Lisa watches Christo at scope

Christo Kiffer
Christo drew excellent diagrams!

April, 2009
Advanced Micro-Pave' with Christo Kiffer

Taking our pave' expertise up a notch, Lisa and Kristy attended the Revere Academy'sMasters Symposium Advanced Micro-Pave' with Christo Kiffer. Developed by the instructor, these unusual techniques include advanced methods of layout, pre-cutting and bright-cutting for diamonds as small as third pointers (0.003 ct). The techniques can be applied to any surface or shape, such as curves and negative areas.

Christo Kiffer is an internationally respected, award-winning jewelry designer and goldsmith. Christo’s vast experience includes a specialty in diamond setting which lead to his signature "Floating Channel” designs. Born and trained in Brazil, Christo resides in Santa Cruz, California.

Advanced Micro Pave Symposium
Lisa, Alan Revere, & Kristy

Lisa Krikawa
Okay, so it wasn't ALL work

Kristy Smith
Striking woman at play

Gemvision President Jeff High
Gemvision president Jeff High addressing the symposium audience.

October 3 - 5, 2008
Gemvision Design Symposium

This 3-day technology and design extravaganza October 3-5 in Schaumburg, IL featured numerous classes for jewelry designers, networking opportunities, sharing of techniques and ideas with other users, the Matrix Design Contest, a gala awards dinner, and plenty of social activities with attendees from around the world. Lisa, John Krikawa, our master modeller, and Slava Shukel, master goldsmith and modeller, attended the event. John, in fact, picked up two Judges Distinction Awards in the Matrix Design Contest!

Lisa and Jackie Wolfstein in GIA Tour

Lisa and Jackie Wolfstein on GIA Tour 2008

GIA Alumni

Lisa on GIA Tour

Jackie Wolfstein in GIA Tour

September 5 - 18, 2008
-- Discover the Secrets of Asia's Cultured Pearls

Lisa and Jackie Wolfstein, our gemologist, spent an intensive 13 days in the Philippines, Japan, China, and Hong Kong on a Gemological Institute of America travel program studying pearls of the region. Needless to say, they came back overflowing with information and knowledge, along with certifications from their Advanced Course on Philippine Golden South Sea Pearl Production.

We will soon have a page on our website detailing the highlights of the trip and the incredible amount of knowledge they gained while there. Until then, enjoy these photos of Lisa and Jackie on their grand adventure!

Lisa Krikawa and Jackie Wolfstein in Asia

GIA Tour of Asia's Cultured Pearls

GIA Tour 2008

GIA Pearl Tour

Lisa in Asia

Fair trade conference
Fair Trade Conference sponsored by the Rapaport Group. Panelists shown are: Tom Cushman of Richfield Investor Services of Madagascar, Marc Choyt of Reflective Images, Eric Braunwart of Columbia Gem House and Martin Rapaport of the Rapaport Group.

JCK Vegas Rapnet cruise
Lisa, Jackie and Susan enjoyed a Rapnet cruise to the Hoover Dam. Here they are joined by Demos Takoulas, community development specialist in South Africa; Antoinette Matlins, gem and jewelry expert and author; and Tom Cushman, development specialist in Madagascar.


May 28 - June 3, 2008
JCK Las Vegas 2008

JCK Las Vegas is the most comprehensive jewelry gathering in North America. With both conference and trade show components, the show had over 3100 exhibitors and more than 40 seminars. With the attending of the DIVA awards as our guise, (we won first place for Platinum Wedding Set) Lisa, Jackie, and Susan spent six days in Vegas getting their fill of the industry.

Fair Trade and Fair Made Jewelry was the hot topic at the conference with industry veterans saying the discussions about fair trade were 50 times more this year than last year. While numerous seminars focused on Fair Trade, it was the 3rd Annual Rapaport Fair Trade Jewelery Conference, organized by the Rapaport Group, that was the most comprehensive. Panelists discussed topics such as a need for transparency in establishing links within the supply chain and their personal work on development projects in numerous digging and manufacturing centers. The Rapaport Group should be commended in getting an impressive array of industry leaders together. Included were Sue Saarnio, US State Department who spoke on the current state of the Kimberley Process, Peggy Jo Donahue of Jewelers of America who gave an overview of the Madison Dialogue, and John Hall of Rio Tinto Diamonds on Rio Tinto's relationship with the Council for Responsible Jewellery Practices.

Aside from fair trade talk, we managed to visit many of our friends at the trade fair, as well as some of our favorite gem dealers including John Dyer of John Dyer Gems, Eric Braunwart of Columbia Gem House and Ilan Dahan of Polar Bear Diamonds.

Russell Simmons
Keynote speaker Russell Simmons, Hip-Hop pioneer and entrepreneur.

JCK Vegas Opening Day
Opening day at JCK Las Vegas 2008.

JCk diamond seminar
GIA Seminar: Identifying Diamond Treatments.

DIVA Party winners
Lisa at the DIVA Party with two other DIVA winners: Carly McGee-Boehm (left) and Erica Courtney (right).

New Approach School classroom setting
Classroom setting for New Approach School.

May 5 - 9, 2008
New Approach School for Jewelers -- Advanced Stone Setting

New Approach School for Jewelers in Virginia Beach, VA is a "high-tech" jewelry school offering classes to both professionals and new students at one of the most advanced facilities in the world. In May, Dan Marshall, our Shop Manager, attended a five-day workshop on Advanced Stone Setting. Led by Blaine Lewis, widely recognized as the premier diamond setting instructor in the U.S. today, Dan was able to bring back to the Krikawa Team some of the most cutting-edge techniques in the industry today.

hands-on jewelry making
Hands-on practice of
new skills.

Lisa is posed next to the announcement board that displays pictures of the winning Vision Award pieces.

April 13 - 15, 2008
MJSA Expo New York

The Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America's Expo New York is the largest and oldest trade show in the U.S. dedicated to the design and manufacturing of fine jewelry. The show features nearly 400 exhibits of some of the latest and most innovative tools, supplies, and machinery all under one roof as well as a full roster of educational seminars by some of the industry’s most renowned experts. Lisa, Jackie and Susan spent three days attending the show and meeting with editors. Lisa also won a first and a second place in the MJSA Vision Award Design Competition.

Kraftwerks Workshop
Lisa demonstrating her
technique while others look on.

Michael Good
Michael Good demonstrating anticlastic raising techniques.

April 5, 2008
Kraftwerks' 10th Annual Invitational Jewelry Manufacturing Seminar Series

Lisa was one of four artisans who led workshops at Kraftwerks' 10th Annual Invitational Jewelry Manufacturing Seminar Series in Los Angeles on April 5. Focusing on presenting the "best of the best" jewelry craft techniques, Kraftwerks invites some of the jewelry world's finest to share and teach rare skills. Lisa's workshop was on fabricating with palladium jewelery. Also included on the schedule were Michael Good demonstrating anticlastic raising techniques; Chris Ploof demonstrating mokume techniques; and photographer Jeff Scovil teaching how to get high quality jewelry photos using low tech equipment.

Kraftwerks Invitational
Instructors for the 10th Annual Kraftwerk's Invitational: Chris Ploof, Lisa, Michael Good and Jeff Scovil


February 2008
Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

We are fortunate to be in the land of gems every February when the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show lands in Tucson for two weeks! As the largest gem show in the United States (some say the world), the city fills with gem dealers from the world over spread across the city at over 40 individual shows. A number of the shows have educational and instructional components. Every member of the Krikawa Team was able to attend at least one educational event during this time.

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