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Salt and Pepper Diamonds

For Engagement Rings

Salt and pepper diamonds are natural diamonds with unique inclusions that give the look of spilled pepper. With black and white inclusions scattered throughout the stone, you can get yourself lost in the tiny world inside the diamond.
salt and pepper diamond engagement ring

The salt and pepper diamond is a more affordable option than a clear diamond, however, as these stones are natural, they are fairly rare. Each one is completely different. Contact your Krikawa design consultant for a salt and pepper diamond in your unique Krikawa ring! We do not sell loose diamonds but are happy to provide a tailored listing of what diamonds are available for your engagement ring.
salt and pepper diamond
Oval Salt and Pepper Diamond
matched pair salt and pepper diamond
Matched Pair S&P Diamonds
emerald cut salt and pepper diamond
Emerald Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond

These unique diamonds can range from mostly transparent to very dark. You'll have limited options but your perfect salt and pepper diamond ring can be created at Krikawa. Inquire below!
salt and pepper diamond for engagement rings


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