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Vintage Style Rose Cut Diamonds for Engagement Rings

Round rose cut diamonds

The most popular of the alternative cut diamonds are the white diamonds, cut in a vintage style called "rose-cut." 

These diamonds are shallower than a round brilliant, so they can be quite cost effective for a large diameter. 

They evoke the feeling of an antique style, and most of our engagement ring designs can be converted to accommodate a white rose cut diamond!


Rose Cut Diamond Shapes

These gorgeous diamonds are available in many shapes, however, not all. With a limited inventory, and each one being completely unique, availability will vary.
marquise rose cut diamond
Marquise Rose Cut Diamond
pear shaped rose cut diamond
Pear Shaped Rose Cut Diamond
Cushion Rose Cut Diamond

Rose Cut Opaque Diamonds

Fancy Colored Rose Cut Diamonds for Engagement RingsThe most popular of the rustic diamonds are the rose cut, opaque fancy colored diamonds. These can be set just like a cabochon, either with prongs or a full bezel. Many engagement ring designs can be converted to accomodate a rose cut opaque diamond!
Unique Engagement Ring with Champagne Rose Cut Diamond


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