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Social Responsibility, Ethical Jewelry Industry Practices and Fair Trade

There is much going on in the jewelry industry these days related to fair trade, fair made, sustainable practices, and the green movement.  Learn about our conflict-free diamonds, fair trade and lab-created gemstones, recycled metals, and support of non-profit organizations committed to protecting the environment.


Embracing the Responsible Jewellery Council Principles and Code of Practices

Krikawa embraces the principles of the Responsible Jewellery Council's Code of Practices regulating responsible business practices when trading in diamonds, gold and platinum-group metals.  More than just a commitment, Krikawa actively engages in responsible ethical, human rights, social and environmental practices in a transparent and accountable manner throughout all of its operations, including its vendor and supply chain. This commitment reinforces consumer and stakeholder confidence in diamond and gold jewelry products.

Lab-Created Sapphires from Chatham

lab-created sapphireIf you are looking for an eco-friendly alternative to natural sapphires, consider synthetic sapphires from Chatham.  No earth is moved in the creation of these gemstones, and they are optically and atomically identical to sapphires from Mother Nature.  We have made many custom rings with lab-grown sapphire.


Moissanite: Lab-Created Diamond Simulant

Moissanite, a type of lab created diamondMoissanite from Charles & Covard is an eco-friendly alternative to diamond.  Its beauty rivals a diamond, and even better, it is more affordable.  Many of our customers have ordered rings with moissanite.


Fair Trade Gemstones from Columbia Gem House

Krikawa is proud to list Columbia Gem House as a preferred vendor. Our close association with them insures that all of our customers have the opportunity to purchase gems with a clear conscience.  Columbia Gem House offers an exceptional variety of natural colored gemstones while strictly adhering to The Quality Assurance and Fair Trade Gems Protocols.  Fair Trade Gems are closely tracked from mine to market to ensure that every gem has been handled according to strict protocols. 

Recycled Metals from Hoover & Strong

Using recycled metals by Harmony Metals is eco-friendlyKrikawa is proud to offer recycled gold and sterling from Harmony Metals (Hoover & Strong), that are recycled from the Earth's existing metal supply, i.e. from scrap metal purchased from jewelers and other refineries. Find out more about their refining and recycling process in their Harmony brochure.


Krikawa Named Social Responsible Jeweler by JCK Magazine

JCK September 2011 cover page

What does it mean to be a socially responsible jeweler? Lisa answers this question in Jewelers' Circular Keystone, the leading trade magazine in the industry.  The September 2011 issue puts the spotlight on Krikawa Jewelry as one of four innovative retailers in the country.

To learn more about environmentally sustainable and ethically responsible practices in the jewelry industry, read the full interview with Lisa.


Earthworks Logo

Krikawa was pleased to present EARTHWORKS with a check for over $8000 as part of our One Percent for the Planet commitment. EARTHWORKS is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting communities and the environment from the destructive impacts of mineral development, in the U.S. and worldwide. EARTHWORKS stands for clean water, healthy communities, and corporate accountability.

"We need a watchdog to protect the earth's resources and communities from mining, drilling, and digging -- EARTHWORKS is that watchdog. And EARTHWORKS gets results." --Mike McCloskey, founder

No Dirty Gold Campaign


No Dirty GoldKrikawa proudly supports the No Dirty Gold Golden Rules. Just over 50 retailers have taken the first step towards more responsible sourcing of gold by declaring their support for the Golden Rules. These Rules represent social, environmental, and human rights criteria for more responsible gold production. The No Dirty Gold campaign encourages jewelers to actively pursue "cleaner" sources of gold.


Conflict-Free Diamonds from Canada


We are proud to offer Canadian diamonds from Eskimo, which are mined and manufactured entirely within that nation's borders.  Each Eskimo diamond is inscribed with their logo and a unique tracking number that can be used for identification purposes. If you would like pricing on a specific shape and size, please email us.

JCK Fair Trade Conference, Las Vegas

Russell Simmons at JCK 2008 in Las VegasJCK Las Vegas is the most comprehensive jewelry gathering in North America. With both conference and trade show components, the show had over 3100 exhibitors and more than 40 seminars. With the attending of the DIVA awards as our guise, (we won first place for Platinum Wedding Set) Lisa, Jackie, and Susan spent six days in Vegas getting their fill of the industry.

Fair Trade and Fair Made Jewelry was the hot topic at the conference with industry veterans saying the discussions about fair trade were 50 times more this year than last year. While numerous seminars focused on Fair Trade, it was the 3rd Annual Rapaport Fair Trade Jewelery Conference, organized by the Rapaport Group, that was the most comprehensive. Panelists discussed topics such as a need for transparency in establishing links within the supply chain and their personal work on development projects in numerous digging and manufacturing centers. The Rapaport Group should be commended in getting an impressive array of industry leaders together. Included were Sue Saarnio, US State Department who spoke on the current state of the Kimberley Process, Peggy Jo Donahue of Jewelers of America who gave an overview of the Madison Dialogue, and John Hall of Rio Tinto Diamonds on Rio Tinto's relationship with the Council for Responsible Jewellery Practices.

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