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Lab-Created Sapphires:
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An Affordable and Eco-Conscious Choice


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pink lab grown sapphire engagement ringLab-grown sapphires are a popular and wise choice for your unique engagement ring by Krikawa. With a hardness of 9, just like natural sapphires, a lab-created sapphire engagement ring will withstand the test of time. A sapphire grown in a lab is rated excellent for everyday wear, just like a natural sapphire. 

A lab-created sapphire is not an imitation. Rather, it is an actual sapphire grown in a human-controlled environment. This is similar to the way pearls are cultured. Once the required combination of chemical and environmental factors is duplicated from nature, the crystals grow over a year, the length of time depending on the gemstone.

Why Choose a Lab-Grown Sapphire?

Lab-Grown Sapphire vs. Earth-Mined Sapphire

Lab-grown sapphires exhibit identical atomic and optical properties compared to their naturally mined counterparts.  Unless you're a certified gemologist with a powerful microscope, you won't be able to tell the difference between lab-created and mined sapphires.  

Remarkably, in some cases, lab-created sapphires may even surpass their naturally sourced counterparts in visual appeal. You don't have to worry about inclusions, color zoning, or poor cutting.

Affordable Quality

blue lab created sapphire engagement ringLab-created sapphires are cost-effective, making them particularly suitable for budget-conscious individuals. There is a notable price difference between lab-grown sapphires and mined gemstones of comparable quality, which makes the former an excellent choice. Lab-grown sapphire is an excellent choice for those seeking an affordable precious gemstone without compromising the quality or sacrificing the aesthetic of their jewelry.

Environmentally Responsible Option

Selecting a lab-grown sapphire will provide you with a stunning gem that aligns with eco-conscious values. The crystal's formation within a controlled laboratory setting significantly reduces the environmental impact associated with traditional mining practices. Choosing a lab-grown sapphire contributes to sustainable practices that minimize the ecological footprint. Make a thoughtful and informed choice by embracing the environmentally responsible benefits of lab-grown gemstones.

Many Natural Color Choices

Just like earth-grown sapphires, lab-grown sapphires are available in many colors! Even the color-changing lab grown alexandrie! While Mother Nature does provide a nearly unlimited palette, the grown sapphire color options are highly desirable.

Blue Lab-Created Sapphires
blue sapphire shades
pink sapphire shades
medium pink lab created Chatham sapphire
medium pink lab created Chatham sapphire with rose and green gold
yellow sapphire shades
dark yellow chatham sapphire
Dark Yellow Chatham Sapphires with 14k yellow gold
padparadscha sapphire lab created chatham
Orange Lab Created Sapphire

lab created ruby
Peach Lab Created Sapphires
Peach Lab Created Sapphires
Peach lab sapphire in rose gold
Peach lab sapphire in 14k rose gold​​​​

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