Diamond & sapphire Mokume Bands

a touch of bling for your mokume ring?

Choose a stunning, heirloom quality Mokume-Gane ring complemented with brilliant sapphires or diamonds. Beautiful precious metals are swirled together with Krikawa’s industry-leading Mokume-Gane process, forming a dynamic wood-grain pattern made from the precious metals of your choice. Choose the liner metal, width, and stones that will accent your brilliant Diamond Mokume Band.

All of our rings are handmade, made to order, and
unmatched in quality. We guarantee our work, and make each ring one at a time to ensure perfection. Discover your dream ring today!

  • Mokume Juicy Double Diamond

    This exquisite wedding band has a mokume center with a row of diamonds along either side. Pair this ring with a juicy rings for a beautiful look!

  • Mokume with Flush Swirl

    This wedding band was designed as the men's counterpart to the Mokume Pave Swirl Engagement Ring.

  • Paved Mokume

    This unusual wood-grain metal wedding band has hand-cut pave beading along its edges. The band is slightly concave. Priced with 0.53 carat total weight diamonds or sapphires, and your preferred mokume type.

  • Bassist's Mokume

    This wood-grain metal wedding band was handmade for a bass guitar player. The row of flush-set diamonds echo the pickups on the bass.

  • Square Mokume with Diamonds

    This mokume wedding band is cushion-shaped. Looks great on its own or pair it with an engagement ring.

  • Mokume Coronet Diamond

    Wear a miniature coronet with wood-grain metal on your finger! The top of the band is pierced with interspersed stones.

  • Mokume with Vertical Princess Channel

    This wedding band is set with a 0.24 ctw diamond channel. 2.2 mm princess cut stones. 8 mm wide. Please note that the price calculator yields figures for white diamonds.

  • Mokume Diamond Channel Center

    A channel of diamonds or sapphires encircles this mokume gane wedding band. Pick your mokume type and metal liner.

  • Mokume Prince Crown

    This mokume gane wedding band has three bezel set stones on the top part of the ring. Inspired by the eternity style Mokume King's Crown.

  • Deluxe Mokume King's Crown

    This is the deluxe version of the Mokume King's Crown Wedding Band. Six princess cut diamonds (2.7ctw) encircle this "crown." 8mm wide. Can be made with FireMark Diamonds.

  • Mokume with Vertical Diamond Channel

    In this stylish wedding band, a 0.05 ctw diamond channel separates the band in two. The metal liner shows flush against the mokume inlay.

  • Mokume with 5 Flush Princess Diamonds

    This band is our classic mokume band but with the addition of five flush set princess-cut diamonds (0.40 ctw) adding just a bit of sparkle.

  • Mokume Double Diamond Channel

    This is a classic designer mokume band with the addition of two diamond channels on the edges.

  • Mokume King's Crown

    A men's wedding ring, made for a man, great for women as well. This is a regal ring with 6 bezel set princess cut diamonds evenly spaced around the band.

  • Mokume Vine Overlay with Two Diamond Channels

    This custom mokume wedding band features a platinum vine overlay pattern atop mokume and two diamond channels. The scrolling vine adds a touch of delicacy and romance to this ring. It has a slightly rounded profile.

  • Mokume Diamond Side Channel

    Unique Designer Mokume Wedding Bands customized to your specs. Unusual two tone and tricolor rings for men and women.

  • Mokume Bars & Symbols

    This ring features a mokume band with eight 2.8mm modified channel set diamonds held by a separate rail. Eight bars are spaced between the diamonds. Within the mokume band are four different Chinese symbols.

  • Mokume Prince

    This mokume gane wedding band is made for a prince. The top of the ring is slightly contoured, providing visibility for the three accent stones.

  • Mokume Flare Diamond

    This mokume gane wedding band is contoured to fit an engagement ring. It has round flush-set diamonds (0.09 ctw).

  • Mokume Block with Diamond Channel

    This custom band is inlaid with White mokume, jade and a diamond channel on the side. The vivid color of the jade is a beautiful contrast to the subtle tones of the mokume and accent stones.

  • Mokume Block with 2 Princess Cut Stones

    This version of the Mokume Block Wedding Band features princess-cut precious stones in place of the original jade. Green diamonds create a nice contrast with white mokume gane.

  • Mokume Block - 6 Princess Cuts

    This version of the Mokume Block Wedding Band features princess-cut stones in place of the original jade. Shown with sapphires. Priced with 0.30 ctw diamonds.

  • Mokume Bow

    Similar to the original Mokume Block Wedding Band, this version has two diamond channels that taper to a point on each side of the inlaid mokume. Round flush-set jade meets with the mokume and diamonds.

  • Mokume Compass Diamond

    This masculine wedding band is inlaid with mokume gane and displays a small accent diamond. The shape of where the band meets the stone resembles a drafting compass.

  • Mokume with 0.30 ctw Scattered Diamonds

    This band is our classic mokume band but with the addition of 12 flush set round diamonds (0.30 ctw) scattered around the band.

  • Mokume with 0.12 ctw Scattered Diamonds

    This band is our classic mokume band but with the addition of 12 flush set round diamonds (0.12 ctw) scattered around the band.

  • Mokume with Curls

    This band combines the beauty of a simple mokume band with a little something extra. Four simple curls have been incorporated that nestle up against the accent diamond setting. The band shown is 6 mm wide, with a cognac diamond, Summer mokume and a palladium liner.

  • Mokume with Scattered Diamonds - 0.15 CTW

    This design is the classic mokume wedding band, but with flush-set scattered diamonds of various sizes. 0.15 ctw.

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