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Mokume Raised Swirl Wedding Band


The organic, Jupiter-like swirls of mokume bring to mind the power and strength of the Roman God. The planet Jupiter’s grand size is rumored in mythology to portray a fortunate and prosperous force. As the clouds churn around the band, the raised swirl emphasizes your striking, bezel-mounted stone. This wedding band expresses power and abundance for a bountiful future. Easily customizable with your choice of mokume-gane, metal color, and gemstone.

Shown in 14k yellow gold and summer mokume with ruby.
You can request a custom image for any color combination

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Notes From Our Wonderful Clients

  • “I finally received the ring about an hour ago and the only thing I can say is, Oh My GOD! The ring looks amazing, fantastic and any other word found in the thesaurus. The quality is incredible and I'm almost too excited for her to see it, I'm not sure if i can wait for the "right moment" to actually ask her rather than just pulling it out like, "HEY LOOK! ”
    client photo Lou S. Sumper, SC  USA
  • “I received my ring a couple weeks ago & was very satisfied w/ the outcome. After I had examined it, I was very happy & amazed w/ the details. It was exactly what I had expected & you guys do your jobs well. Thank you for providing me w/ an unforgettable gift. My fiance & I are a really simple couple & the ring totally represents who we are. Again, thank you & hopefully we'll be able to do business again. ”
    client photo Joseph P. Stockton, CA  USA