3 Ways to Get Your One-Of-A-Kind Ring Started

Order your ring online, or take advantage of our concierge quality design service. There is no additional charge to have one of our creative and knowledgeable designers walk with you through the process of designing a ring! You can contact us by email, phone, and if you are lucky enough to live in the desert southwest, in person! Plus, we provide an unrivaled 100% money back satisfaction guarantee, even though everything is custom-made!


1. Pick a Portfolio Piece

Surf Krikawa
Gain inspiration by exploring our portfolio.

You'll find lots of unique wedding rings and engagement rings. Your ring will be made to order, so you can order any item in our portfolio in the size,
metal and stones of your choice.

Use the pricing calculator.

Check each style to find out the pricing in your unique selection of materials.
Request a colorization if you want to see how it will look in your colors!

gem icon
Find your perfect diamond or sapphire. 

You can either find your stone in our extensive search tools, or ask
a designer for a stone quote if what you want is not listed!

ring box
Your custom Krikawa ring is delivered in a handcrafted wooden box, 
made from sustainable wood in the USA.


2. Build a Hybrid Ring

Mix and match parts.  
Select the styles or features that you like best, and we'll combine them
to create a new hybrid! Lots of our styles have been born from combinations of
other styles and the input of clients like you. Take advantage of our free
concierge level design service, and we'll work out the design on paper, create
your quote, and once a deposit is received, you'll receive a rendering for approval.

custom ring
Call or email us to get started today!

3. Custom Design From Scratch

Design your own ring from scratch.  
If you have an idea for a ring, whether you've scratched out a design on a napkin or just have the idea in your head, we can help. We've built thousands of rings from scratch, and you'll love the process! Email us or call us to let us know you are ready to get started, and we'll guide you through the process of submitting your images. You'll get to see your ring evolve from your input, to a sketch, rendering then final ring.
ring sketch

Custom Ring Design
Mokume Engagement Ring Design, from sketch to rendering to final ring
Quick sketches such as these can help you visualize your layout, before you
make your final committment to a design.

Sketch with Variations
In this case, blue diamonds are being used to accent a
colorless center diamond. Which one do you like the best?

Whether you are looking for a custom wedding band
or engagement ring, we can make your dream ring a reality!
custom engagement ring

Why Krikawa?

You've Found the Authority on Custom Ring Design.
Best Custom Ring Designer
Lisa Krikawa and her team of experts are nationally recognized custom
ring designers, with dozens of design awards and industry speaking engagements.
Krikawa has created over 5000 custom rings, with over 100 years of total design and manufacturning experience within the team.
Ethical, Responsible, and Trust-Worthy. 
As a certified member of the Responsible Jewelry Council and a winner of
the Better Business Bureau's Ethics Award, you've found the ring designer you can trust.
responsible jeweler
World-Class Design. 
Krikawa's focus is on high design and style, making sure that your ring is aesthetically pleasing from all angles, and structurally sound to last a lifetime. Krikawa's designers are also material experts, to assure that you receive the finest quality metal, diamonds and gemstones.

Cutting Edge Technology.
With the use of computer aided design (CAD), 3-D print technology,
microscopes and lasers, your ring will be created using the very finest
of technology, starting with a custom design rendering.

Custom Ring Rendering

Old World Craftsmanship.
Your final ring will be crafted by the very finest jewelers in the country, with slow, meticulous attention to detail and expert stone setting and finishing.  Get ready to be wowed!
custom jeweler
Personalize to your Heart's Content.
 Your handcrafted engagement or wedding ring will tell a story.
It’ll reveal a bit of your personality and reflect on a chapter of your life.
Personalized Engagement Ring
What Story Will Your Ring Tell?
What’s special or uniquely you? What details do you want to include? Set the stage for your ring’s story with personal details and embellishments. Call 1-888-KRIKAWA or email us today with your ideas, and to receive guidance and suggestions.  
The Colors You Dream About.
Your ring can reflect your personality or have one all its own.  A variety of metal embellishments and finishes are yours to choose from. Color is always an important consideration. Color can evoke emotion and make a powerful statement. 

Barbed Wire Wedding SetPrecious metal choices for custom wedding and engagement rings

Get ready to choose from a full range of colors with
brilliant metals, sapphires, diamonds, birthstones and other gemstones
At Krikawa, you can add the perfect hint of color to any ring.

Rainbow of sapphires for engagement rings

Make the Most of Every Detail. 
Creating a ring unique to you means a whole host of options. Let the experts at Krikawa help guide you so your custom ring tell a story as unique as you are.  

Call or email us to get started today!
Let the fun begin!
Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry - Made in USA



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