CUSTOM DESIGN Sketch & Rendering

From Sketch to Rendering to the Final Piece

Custon Ring Design ProcessConsidering a brand new design?
Get started with a designer today!

For brand new designs, there is a $200-400 design fee, depending upon the scope of the project.

For simple modifications of existing designs, there is no charge.

Here's what you will do:
  • Gather your images together to help you communicate with the designer
  • Have a discussion, via phone, email, or if you are lucky enough to live in the Southwest, in person
  • With the help of the designer, you will be determining style, features, accents, setting style, colors, and more

Here's what we will do:
  • Work via sketching or 3D computer modeling or a combination to put together all of the details that were discussed
  • Engineer the design to be structurally sound
  • Design something that can be created within the prescribed budget parameters (if any).
  • Make sure we hit targets for total carat weights
  • Above all, make sure we meet your desired aesthetic appeal

What happens next? You can proceed with a 50% deposit on the project.  Next, you'll receive sizing rings (unless it is a surprise) and then a rendering to approve.  The renderings are detailed computer models that will show the design from different angles. 

What if the rendering is not just right? Don't worry, there's still time to make changes! Communicate with your designer to make the appropriate changes, and you'll receive a second rendering at no charge.  If you make more changes after that, a $200 per rendering fee will apply.
Computer Rendering of Mokume Wave Engagement Ring
Above: Mokume Wave Engagement Ring with Fancy Yellow Diamond
Computer Rendering of Snowflake Engagement Ring
Above: Snowflake Artistic Engagement Ring
Computer Rendering of Tree of Life Engagement Ring
Above: Tree of Life Unique Engagement Ring

Computer Rendering of Mokume Pave Swirl Engagement Ring
Above: Mokume Pave Swirl Engagement Ring